Our mission is to showcase the many different kinds of artistic talent not only of West Los Angeles College students, but also of Los Angeles Community College District students, staff, faculty, and administrators, both past and present. In so doing, we want West Magazine to act as (quite literally) a link that connects all of us who are or have been part of LACCD…and also to connect LACCD folks to other people around the planet.


All former and current Los Angeles Community College District students, staff, faculty, and administrators may submit articles, fiction, songs, poetry, visual art, and other kinds of artworks to westword@wlac.edu. In addition, members of the military who have served or are serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan may submit artworks. Literary submissions should be in Word; songs should be in attachments that are easy to open; and photographs of artworks must be in jpeg. All submissions must include a jpeg photo of the artist, a brief biography, and a statement that affirms that the work is the sole creation of the submitter, who also has sole legal ownership of the work. Submission of a work grants West Magazine the right to publish the work. West Magazine does not pay authors and artists for publication of their work or works or compensate them in any way for time, labor or materials needed to create a work. Submission of a work or works for publication does not guarantee publication.