Pre-Assessment Questionnaire



The following questionnaire is for your benefit only. To find out whether online learning is right for you, please respond to these questions honestly. You must make a selection for each question to proceed with results! When you are finished, click on "submit."

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1. How regularly will you be able to log on to the Internet to work on this course?

a) Only once a week.
b) At least twice a week.
c) Probably once every two weeks.
d) I don't know for sure.

2. Do you know how to use a web browser (Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer) to get around the internet?

a) Yes. I browse the internet frequently.
b) Somewhat. I have not had much exposure to it.
c) I have only seen my friends use it.
d) No, but I am willing to learn.

3. Do you know how to use a standard word processor such as Microsoft Word, or Pages?

a) Yes. I am pretty comfortable with word processing.
b) Somewhat. I rely on the help of lab aides.
c) I don't know the name of my word processor.
d) No. I prefer my typewriter.

4. Do you have basic knowledge of email?

a) Yes. I have an email account.
b) No, but I can learn.
c) No. I prefer "snail mail."
d) I don't know how email works.

5. How comfortable are you working with computers?

a) I find working with computers interesting.
b) I always seem to mess up my system's settings.
c) I don't like computers, but I understand that they are important today.
d) I am not sure how I feel about technology.

6. How will you handle the situation if your computer (or software) breaks down at some point during the course?

a) I expect my instructor to be understanding and give me extensions.
b) I will get it fixed immediately and will use another system in the meanwhile.
c) I cannot afford for things to go wrong.
d) Nothing will go wrong. I have good equipment.

7. Can you meet deadlines without needing frequent prodding?

a) I tend to fall behind most of the time.
b) I am a terrible procrastinator.
c) I generally meet my deadlines.
d) It depends on whether or not I like the project.

8. Will you be able to set aside some time to participate in weekly online discussions?

a) Yes. I have budgeted time for this course.
b) Not weekly. I am too busy.
c) Maybe. My schedule varies from week to week.
d) I do not know for sure.

9. How capable are you of determining main ideas and concepts when reading your college textbooks?

a) I am a good reader.
b) I prefer listening to reading about things.
c) I have to hear information in order to retain it.
d) I usually don't remember what I read.
e) I don't know the level of my reading skills.

10. Are you a self-motivated, independent learner?

a) I find studying alone a positive challenge.
b) I need the stimulation of a group.
c) I like working alone, but I need frequent prodding.
d) It depends on the season.

 11. Which of the following describes your time management skills?

a) I need to be reminded of deadlines.
b) For the most part, I get things done on time.
c) I often miss deadlines because I am doing too much.
d) I am not very organized with my time.

 12. How much time do you expect to spend studying for this course?

a) I can dedicate about four to six hours a week for studying.
b) The same amount as attending and studying for a traditional course (10 hours).
c) Less time since the class does not meet.
d) I do not know what to expect.

 13. How good are you at following directions on assignments?

a) I like it when instructors go over homework directions verbally.
b) I have difficulty understanding directions and frequently need clarification.
c) I can read and follow directions on my own.
d) I cannot follow directions very well.

 14. Do you know how to turn your system on and off properly?

a) Yes. I know my system's "shut down" process.
b) Yes. I just press the power switch.
c) No, but I am willing to learn.
d) I am not sure what you mean by "properly."

 15. Are you comfortable using a mouse?

a) Yes.
b) Somewhat, but I need to work on it.
c) No, I prefer using the keyboard.
d) I don't like rodents.

 16. How good are your keyboarding skills?

a) I am a decent typist. I type my own work.
b) I use the "hunt and peck" approach; it's painfully slow, but I get the job done.
c) I have others type my papers for a small fee. :-)
d) I am an awful typist!

 17. Are you comfortable with file management on your computer, such as moving files around different directories and drives, saving files, or deleting files?

a) Yes. I am pretty comfortable.
b) Somewhat. I cannot always find my files.
c) No, but I can get help from friends or family members.
d) No, but I am a quick learner.

 18. Have you used a browser to surf the internet?

a) Yes. I spend quite a bit of time on the internet.
b) Some. My friends seem to spend endless hours on it.
c) Very little, but I can learn how to use it.
d) I don't know what you mean by "browser."

 19. How will you handle the situation if your internet connection is interrupted for a period of time?

a) I will use a lab on campus or a friend's computer.
b) I will wait until things get resolved.
c) I will ask the instructor for extensions on the assignments.
d) I will get very upset. I do not like it when things go wrong.

 20. How do you feel about taking a class over the internet?

a) I don't have time to take a traditional class.
b) I am nervous about it. I am not sure it is for me.
c) I do not look forward to it, but I need the course.
d) I look forward to the experience.

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