The tuition for each 7-week session is $1,975. Tuition for the West Language Academy is processed by the Westside Extension office. Tuition is due at least 5 days before the start of class. Contact the Westside Extension office to see if you may enroll within 4 or fewer days of a class starting.

If you are outside the U.S. and prepay your tuition but your F-1 visa request is denied, then you may defer your start date or request a refund for any prepaid tuition. If you are already in the U.S. on a Visa, then refer to the Refund Policy for information about cancelling and withdrawing.


In addition to the tuition, students will need to pay the following fees for the West Language Academy.

Application Fee

In order to process your West Language Academy Application, you must include a non-refundable $75 / $175 / $295 application fee with your completed application form (depending on your non-immigrant / immigrant status when applying). You may pay by credit card, cashier’s check or money order. If you have attended the West Language Academy before and stopped taking classes, then you do not have to pay this application fee again if your last date of attendance is within 180 days from your new start date of attendance. The fee is also waived if you defer your scheduled start date to another session within 180 days.

SEVIS I-901 fee

If you are applying for an F-1 visa, there is a required SEVIS I-901 fee that must be paid prior to your appointment at a U.S. Embassy/Consulate. Information about the I-901 fee is available on the web: This fee is also due if you will return on a new initial I-20 with a different SEVIS I.D. number.

Medical Insurance

All international students must carry approved medical insurance. The cost of this insurance is ranges from approximately $150 to $700 for six months, depending on your age and other factors. You will purchase this once you are in school here at West. If you attend the West Language Academy for additional months, you must purchase medical insurance again.

Other Expenses You Will Need to Pay

Books and Materials

Books and materials depend on the classes you take, but we estimate that they may cost about $200 for six months.

Living Expenses

It is difficult to estimate how much it costs to live in Los Angeles because housing, food, utilities and transportation can vary widely. Where you live, what kind of housing you have, what lifestyle you keep and other variables will impact your cost of living. As a minimum, we figure that living expenses will be $4,000 USD or more for four months. Including the tuition cost of two 7-week sessions, the total estimated cost for four months is $8,000 USD. The estimated cost for a year is about $24,000 USD.

Other Expenses You May Need to Pay

FedEx fee

If you want us to send your I-20 form to you via FedEx, then you will need to pay $30 for each delivery within the United States and $100 (or more) for each delivery internationally. Please indicate that you wish to have FedEx delivery on your application and include the cost with your tuition payment.

Wire Transfer fee

If you wish to pay your application, tuition or FedEx fee using a bank wire transfer, then you must pay a $30 wire transfer fee for each transaction. Please note that refunds via wire transfer will also result in a second $30 wire transfer fee, and the processing time takes much longer than if you choose to receive a check refund.


If you have a car and wish to park on campus, you may purchase a parking permits for West Los Angeles College. The cost is $20 per semester during the Spring and Fall sessions and $7 per semester during the Winter and Summer sessions. Parking permits are optional and may be purchased (cash only) through the Westside Extension office. Single-day parking permits are also available in each student lot for $2 per day.

Refund Policy

Applicants who are not granted an F-1 Visa may get a refund for their tuition only with proof of denial letter from the U.S. Embassy.

In all other instances, refund or credits CANNOT be granted. You may defer a session start date ONLY if you notify the Westside Extension Office AT LEAST 5 DAYS IN ADVANCE of the start of a class session that you wish to transfer from. Refunds, transfers or credits CANNOT be granted once class begins. A full refund will be given when a class is canceled by Westside Extension. Refunds or credits WILL NOT be issued for absences or late registrations. If you miss some meetings of a class, you cannot make them up in another class. You may notify Westside Extension of your wish to cancel by phone, in person, by mail or email. Refunds or transfers must be processed by the Extension office – you cannot do it yourself online. A $20 processing charge will be deducted for each class refund or transfer, except for classes canceled by Westside Extension. If you paid by credit card, your account will be credited. If you paid by cash, check or money order, you will receive a check refund (allow 4 weeks for processing). A credit toward other Westside Extension classes may be issued in lieu of a refund if you wish. Returned checks will be subject to a $20 handling charge.