Programs & Calendar

Program & Course Descriptions

Within each session, WestLA offers 6 levels of English classes, ranging from absolute beginner speaking and writing abilities to more advanced academic proficiency. From the first day of class, you will be placed in one of the four class levels appropriate for your language ability.

WestLA class size is limited to 15 students per class, so you have the best opportunity to learn and really feel comfortable interacting with classmates and the dedicated WestLA faculty and staff.

  • Your studies at WestLA will include 20 hours of instruction each week – 5 hours per day, 4 days a week. You will experience innovative, cutting-edge language instruction by professional English language professors who will teach
    • vocabulary idiom building activities
    • reading strategies and techniques
    • writing skills
    • listening practice
    • group research projects
    • effective oral communication skills (giving presentations, working with others on group projects, etc.)
  • English proficiency test preparation
  • Customized lessons from faculty to promote your optimal learning
  • American culture workshops
  • Educational activities on location in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas! You’ll visit museums, amusement parks, universities, sporting events and concerts, the beaches, sights of Los Angeles and places where you can learn about the culture of our great metropolitan area. Click here for the latest Calendar of Events and Activities that we offer to expand your classroom experience into Southern California.

Special Features

WestLA classes incorporate the latest technologies to strengthen your learning experience using social networking tools such as Facebook, video-sharing technology such as YouTube, and our very own ETUDES online community platform. Classes will use the up-to-date technologies or be conducted ‘on location’ at the movie studios or at the beach!

Your classroom experience will also include:

  • Many opportunities to practice and improve your English language skills participating in group projects and exploring interesting topics.
  • Frequent guest speakers from the college and from many different industries such as:
    • Entertainment
    • Travel & Hospitality
    • Business
    • Cinema and Television
  • Weekly themes to make the instruction more relavant and engaging:
    • Entertainment (cinema, tv, music)
    • Language styles (standard, slang, colloquial, idioms)
    • Southern California geography
    • Food and diet
    • Multi-cultural LA (the people who live here)
    • Los Angeles history
    • Sports, Health, and Fitness

Session Calendar

WestLA offers six sessions of intensive English classes each year. Each session is seven weeks long. The upcoming session dates are:


Session #1: Early January through Mid-February


Session #2: Early March through Late April
Session #3: Late April through Mid June

SUMMER Session #4: Late June through Mid August

Session #5: Late August through Mid October
Session #6: Late October through Early December

Dates subject to change.