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Language Arts Faculty

Division Employee Name E-mail Address Office Phone (310) Office Location Mailbox Number
Arabic Johns, Albert   GC 280Q  
English Allen, Jeremiah   GC 280Q  
English Bailey-Hofmann, Holly 287-4547 GC 280E 205B
English Boutry, Katherine 287-4470 GC 210F 209A
English Brach, Eric POPP   102A
English Cordova, Luis 287-4207 GC 280L 211A
English Dawson, Katherine   GC 280Q  
English Floyd, Suzanne ONLINE GC 280H 216A
English Goldberg, Nancy   GC 280Q  
English Herdzina, Susan E   GC 280Q 146A
English Jones, Kristen   GC 280Q  
English Lincke-Ivic, Nuala 287-4544 GC 210D 234A
English Loring, Gina   GC280Q  
English Lyons-Burns, Syreeta ONLINE GC 280Q 432
English Manner, Kimberly 287-4551 GC 280D 235A
English McOmber, Adam   GC 280Q  
English Minami, Alison   GC 280Q 169C
English Norris, Clare T, Chair 287-4590 GC 280C 237A
English Okawa, Rachelle   GC 280Q 176A
English Ortiz, Jennifer   GC 280Q 176B
English Pilaro, Joseph ONLINE GC 280Q 432
English Puterbaugh, Joseph   GC 280Q 178C
English Salerno, Mark   GC 280Q 193C
English Sanders, Laura     GC 280Q  
English Sandowicz, Ryan   GC 280Q 195A
English Setka, Stella   GC 280Q 193B
English Sprague, Robert 287-4398 CE 115 252A
English Tejada, Leslie 287-4254 GC 280-K  
English Vishwanadha, Hari ONLINE GC 280Q 432
English Wallach, Mark D   GC 280Q 305C
English Welch, Tim 310-287-4334 GC 210G 261A
English Willenborg, Patricia   GC 280Q 304C
Comm. St Alexander, Linda 287-7270 GC 280J 204A
Comm. St Coffee, Kevin   GC 280Q 112C
Comm. St Cuomo, Anthony 287-4584 GC 280F 210A
Comm. St Fife, Pamela ONLINE GC 280Q 432
Comm. St. Hines, Damon   GC 280Q  
Comm. St Lemonds, Bradley ONLINE GC 280Q 432
Comm. St Maybruck, Iris   GC 280Q 165A
Comm. St Sewell, Kaci   GC 280Q 197B
Comm. St Smith, Nicholas   GC 280Q 190C
Comm. St. Zipnick, Debroah ONLINE    
Modern Languages & Cultures Aviles, Elena 310-287-4203 GC 210C  
Modern Languages & Cultures Michels, Margot 310-287-4506 GC 280A 236B
Modern Languages & Cultures Figueroa, Ana 310-287-4512 GC 280D 216A
Modern Languages & Cultures Ruiz, Sandra 310-287-4469 GC 280B 244A
Philosophy Mayock, Rick 310-287-4208 FA 303 238B
Humanities Noonan, Lloyd   GC 280Q  
Humanities Winter, Anne   GC 280Q  


Office: GC 280M

Faculty Offices are located on the 2nd Floor of GC Building.


Division Chair
Clare Norris-Bell
Phone: (310) 287-4590