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Engineering Plus - 5 Paths

The Engineering Pathway provides supports to students who are majoring in math, science and engineering so they can excel academically, find technician roles in the engineering industry and/or transfer to four-year institutions.

The program has received outstanding results providing a diverse pool of technician-ready and transfer-ready students so urgently needed by industry.

The road to a career in Engineering starts with

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What is Engineering Plus?

Engineering Plus includes five paths: BioEngineering, Civil Engineering, Computer/Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

The program builds an academically based peer community to provide student support and motivation. This specialized focus sets Engineering Plus apart from other student success programs. Engineering Plus also creates strong partnerships between staff, advisors, school district officials, university professors and administrators, industry members, and parents. Industry involvement is especially strong since companies recognize Engineering Plus’ ability to produce highly trained professionals.

Our goal is to increase the number of economically disadvantaged (eligible for financial aid) community college students who obtain technician work and/or transfer to four-year universities and successfully attain math and science-based degrees.

Gain Work Experience

West works with local advanced manufacturing, aviation and aerospace companies. Through these partnerships, opportunities are available to engineering plus students to participate in work-based learning activities such as company tours, job shadowing, internships and pre-apprenticeships, and employment and apprenticeships.

Reach Your University Transfer / Bachelor's Degree Goal

  • All five tracks can lead to certificates and/or Associate of Science (AS) degrees in Engineering.
  • The AS degrees or certificate programs in Engineering prepare you to succeed in Bachelor of Science (BS) degree programs at the university. Additionally, courses in the program meet lower division engineering requirements at a university which shortens the time you need to be enrolled at the university.
  • Our degrees are CSU or UC transferrable. In addition, you may be able to double major in Engineering and Math with little or no extra coursework.
  • For many jobs in the engineering industry, a BS degrees in engineering are minimum qualifications.
  • If you already have experience in engineering from your military service or other employment, you can request “Credit by Exam” to test out of introductory courses and move up to more advanced course.

How to Sign Up

Choose your Engineering Track

Sign up for one or more of the following courses for Spring 2021:

  • Engineering 101: Introduction to Science Engineering and Technology - 2 Units
  • Engineering 120: Introduction to programming concepts and methodologies for scientists and engineers - 4 Units. (Math 260 is a pre-requisite)
  • Math 241 or Math 260

During the first week of the class, expect an Engineering Plus email with more information. Throughout the semester, different opportunities will be presented to students enrolled in these courses.

Tiffany Miller, Dean, Apprenticeships at EMAIL:

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