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State Financial Aid Programs


California College Promise Grant

(formerly known as the BOG Fee Waiver)

The California College Promise Grant is offered by the California Community Colleges. (Click here for more information)


Full-Time Student Success Grant

A financial aid program for Cal Grant B and Cal Grant C recipients attending full time at a California community college. 


California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) Programs


Students must meet the following eligibility requirements for the Cal Grant Programs:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Be a California resident
  • Be attending at least half- time at a qualifying California college
  • Have financial need at the college of attendance
  • Be making satisfactory academic progress as determined by the college
  • Have not already earned a bachelor’s or professional degree, or the equivalent.



First deadline is March 2 of each year.

A second deadline for community college applicants is September 2, but we highly recommend that applicants meet the March 2 deadline when more funding is available. (The second deadline does not apply to students applying for the CAL Grant through the Dream Act application.)

Students must submit the FAFSA by the deadline date to apply for the Cal Grant.

Students must submit a GPA Verification by the deadline dates to the California Student Aid Commission. GPA verification for students enrolled within the Los Angeles Community College District will be electronically sent to the Commission by the deadline date for those who meet specific criteria.


Types of Grants Available

Entitlement Grants

  • Cal Grant A – provides grant funds to help pay for tuition/fees at qualifying institutions offering baccalaureate degree programs. If you receive a Cal Grant A but choose to attend a CA community college first, your award will be held in reserve for up to three years until you transfer to a four-year college. Students accepted into the Dental Hygiene Bachelors Degree Program are eligible to receive this grant at West Los Angeles College.

  • Cal Grant B – provides subsistence payments for new recipients in the amount of $1,670 for a full-time, full year award. Payments are reduced accordingly for three-quarter and half-time enrollment for each payment period. Cal Grant B recipients who transfer to a tuition/fee charging school after completing one or two years at a community college may have their grant increased to include tuition and fees as well as subsistence.

  • Cal Grant Transfer Entitlement Award is for eligible CA community college students who are transferring to a four-year college and are under age 24 as of December 31 of the award year.


Competitive Grants

  • Cal Grant A and B awards are used for the same purpose as the A and B entitlement awards, except that they are not guaranteed and the number of awards is limited.

  • Cal Grant C recipients are selected based on financial need and vocational aptitude. Students must be enrolled in a vocational program at a California Community College, independent college, or vocational college, in a course of study lasting from four months to two years. Cal Grant C awards may not be used to pursue a four-year degree program, graduate study, or general education.


Law Enforcement Personnel Dependents Grant

The Law Enforcement Personnel Dependents (LEPD) Grant is a program administered by the California Student Aid Commission that provides grants for eligible students. Student eligibility:

  • Students must be a child (natural or adopted) or spouse, at the time of death or injury of a California peace officer or law enforcement officer, firefighter, or employee of the Department of Corrections or the Department of Youth Authority.

  • Be enrolled in a minimum of six units at a California post-secondary institution accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

  • Demonstrate financial need as determined by the Financial Aid Office at the institution in which students are enrolled. The grant will be in an amount equal to the amount provided to a student who has been awarded a Cal Grant. Awards may be used for tuition and fees, books, supplies, and living expenses.

Obtain an application by calling the California Student Aid Commission’s Specialized Programs Branch at (888) 224-7268, #3, or submit a request in writing to

California Student Aid Commission
Specialized Programs
P.O. Box 419029
Rancho Cordova, CA 95741-9029

For more information on this grant program, go to, Publications, Program Brochures.


Child Development Teacher Grant

The Child Development Teacher Grant is for students who plan to teach or supervise at a licensed children’s center. The grants, renewable for an additional year, are awarded to students attending a public or private two or four-year college in California.



The California Chafee Grant Program provides free money to foster youth and former foster youth to use for college courses or vocational school training.


Extended Opportunity Program & Services (EOP&S)

The EOP&S Program is designed primarily for the recruitment and retention of students affected by language, social and economic disadvantages.

EOP&S provides services such as grants and book loans; educational, personal, and career counseling; personal development courses; college survival skills; cultural awareness activities; career workshops; and field trips to four year colleges and universities.

Criteria for EOP&S students: Qualified to receive the California College Promise Grant A or B, educationally disadvantaged, enrolled in 12 or more units, have completed less than 70 units or 6 consecutive semesters, and are California residents.


Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE)

CARE is a state funded support service for single parents receiving public assistance who have children under the age of 14.

Services include books and supplies, cash grants, child care, auto repair reimbursement, meal tickets, auto gas cards, parking permits, bus pass/tokens, parenting workshops, counseling services, and on and off-campus referrals.


GAIN/California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs)

Greater Avenues for Independence (GAIN) has been replaced by CalWORKs. This is a state program that provides an educational environment where the student may develop the needed vocational skills to enhance his/her job market value. Services offered include job development, child-care, counseling, books, paid work-study, and other support services.

Programs offered include General Equivalency Diploma, Adult Basic Education, ESL classes, as well as vocational classes such as Office Administration, Child Development, Home Health Aide, and Culinary Arts classes.