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Student Complaint Process for Online or Hybrid Classes

Distance Education Student Complaints, Procedures, Policies and Resolution

West Los Angeles College (West) is committed to the integrity of online education. In compliance with the Federal Department of Education regulations, West provides prospective and enrolled students with contact information for filing complaints with its accrediting agency and with the appropriate state agency for handling complaints in the state the student resides.
Complaint Policies and Procedure

The Western Association of States and Colleges Commission (WASC), receives complaints about substantive matters that are related to the quality of the institution or its academic programs. All such complaints are judged against the Commission's "Characteristics of Excellence."

"Students and members of the public who desire to file a formal complaint to the Commission about one of its member institutions should become familiar with the requirements for doing so prior to contacting the Commission. Following is the Commission's Policy on Student and Public Complaints Against Institutions which will assist the user in understanding the issues this Commission can and cannot address through its complaint process, explain the procedures for filing a complaint, and provide a link to the Complaint Information Sheet and Complaint Form." --WASC

All complaints must be written, signed and addressed to the President of the Commission, only after the student has exhausted all WLAC appeal procedures.

For more information, see the WASC policy statement and complaint form. The WASC will address concerns that are clearly related to an accreditation action taken by the Commission. However, the Commission is not a judicial or quasi-judicial body, and therefore can't settle disputes between individuals and institutions, whether these involve students, faculty, administration, or members of other groups. Examples would be a student having difficulty logging in to their course (course login info) or complaint about a grade received from a faculty member, or a faculty member's complaint about his or her hiring or continued employment.

For information about filing consumer complaints in any non-California state where WLAC students might reside and take its distance education courses or programs, go to SHEEO State Authorization Survey: Student Complaint Information by State and Agency. For state contact information, go to 2010 Federal Regulations on State Approval of Out-of-State Providers If you need additional assistance in locating state complaint procedures, please contact the office of Distance Education at (310)287-4558 or send an email to the Dean of Distance Learning, Eric Ichon, at
West Los Angeles College Accreditation

West Los Angeles College is regionally accredited by the Western Association of States and Colleges (WASC). The commission has authorized WLAC to offer Associate Degrees and Certificates. For WASC contact information and additional accreditation information please visit the WLAC Accreditation page

Most student complaints, grievances or disciplinary matters should be resolved at the campus level. Please contact the Office of the Ombudsperson for assistance at, 310-287-7288. This is the quickest and most successful way of resolving issues involving a California Community College (CCC). If you are unsure about your type of complaint or how to submit a complaint, please visit WLAC Policies page for additional information.