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Please CHECK-IN online or on the WLAC Phone App before coming to campus.




COVID-19: Returning to Campus


drawing of person not wearing a mask with "OK" and a vaccination needle with "No Longer Required"


See pdf of update or read below

On Wednesday, May 4, 2022, the LACCD Board of Trustees voted to rescind and/or to modify our existing Board Policy 2800 (masking) and Board Policy 2900 (vaccinations). This is an important step forward in our recovery phase from the COVID-19 pandemic that puts the District and the colleges in better alignment with the current health orders and recommendations by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH).



Effective June 12, 2022, Board Policy 2800 will be rescinded.  There will no longer be an indoor masking mandate at any of the colleges or at District facilities for employees, students or visitors. Masking already is not required outdoors and, as of June 12, we will follow the prevailing LACDPH health orders that indoor masking is recommended, but not required.  After June 12, students may wear a mask indoors if they want to and the colleges and the District will continue to provide free, disposable masks upon request and hand sanitizer will be available throughout the campus.



Effective immediately, Board Policy 2900 has been rescinded for students.  All continuing and new students will not have to provide proof of vaccinations or have an approved exemption on file in order to enroll in classes or to access the colleges or District facilities. Weekly COVID testing for students with vaccination exemptions will no longer be required.


To view your registration appointment date for the Summer and Fall 2022 term, log on to and click on the “Manage Classes” tile followed by the “Enrollment Dates” tab on the left side. If no enrollment date is available, you may register for classes when open enrollment starts.



(courtesy of ELAC - some details do NOT apply to WLAC)


  • Set Up an Account
  • Present Your Pass
  • Upload Vaccination Information
  • Make a Testing Appointment
  • Know if You Tested Positive
  • Request an Exemption  

Student Inquiries       email:

Employee Inquires      email:



Welcome Back! West continues to offer classes and services online but we’re pleased to say we’re back in-person too. Here’s some information you’ll need to access in-person classes and services and also some things to know to succeed in the online environment.




Cleared4 check-in screen

Check-In When on Campus

Students please use the Cleared4 link you received via email to check-in when coming to campus. Guests and others who do not have a Cleared4 account can use the Guest Check-in link here on the college home page or the WLAC phone app. 


Whether you’re coming to the Admissions or Financial Aid Office or using the computer lab in the Library, remember to

  1. Use the Cleared4 or Guest COVID check-in link on our home page or phone app


HOURS: In-Person & Online

screen print from class schedule page


Classes are now offered in-person, online or a combination of the two. Check your schedule to know the format of your class. Remember, if you have an in-person class, you will need your face mask and use the COVID check-in on our home page or phone app.

Need internet access? The college Library and their computer lab is open. 

Online Class Canvas Log-on   |   Online Class How Tos


Online Class – "Asynchronous" Access anytime, no set meeting time

3Hr 10Min /Wk TBA       West ON LINE

Online Class - "Synchronous" You are required to attend via computer at a particular time

TuTh 5:10PM – 6:35PM  West ON LINE


MoWe 8:00AM – 9:25AM  West MSA 403*

Combination In-Person & Online

TuTh 6:45PM – 7:35PM  West-MSA 403*

3Hr 10Min /Wk TBA  West ON LINE

*MSA 403 is the Math Science building, Room 403

Free parking & Culver City Bus


  • FREE PARKING is free for students this Fall 2021 in Lots 7 & 8A, the PE Lot and the Parking Structure.
  • BUS SERVICE – Board and depart the Culver City Green Bus Lines #3 & #4 in front of the Student Services Building (SSB) courtyard. During the hours that the bus does not come on campus, students can catch the bus outside the Overland entrance to the campus on Overland Ave....see bus schedule
  • UBER/TAXI DROP continues to be on B Street near the corner of Albert Vera on the edge of Lot #7.


  • Grab breakfast, lunch or snacks on the upper level of campus between the Library (HLRC) and FA Building. Or grab snacks or a sandwich in the Bookstore in the Student Services Building (SSB).
    HOURS: Food Truck Mon-Thur 7:00am - 1:30pm;
                     Bookstore   Mon-Thur 10:00am - 4:00pm 


  1. Immediately home-quarantine for at least 5 to 10 days. See guidelines 
  2. Tell your close contacts to home-quarantine  
  3. Call your doctor/healthcare provider for further direction  
  4. Continue to monitor symptoms between 11 to 14 days and seek care if symptoms escalate  
  5. Notify your instructor with updates on your condition 
  6. Make arrangements for any class/work accommodations if needed  
  7. Remain in contact with Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH)  
  8. Seek medical attention immediately if you are having difficulty breathing or keeping fluids down 


If you have been infected with COVID in the last 90 days and you decide to take another COVID test, it is recommended that you use an antigen rapid test, NOT a PCR test like the type provided by the campus Biocept testing why