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  Last Name First Name Title Department Building Room Group Phone Work
  Abu-Ghazaleh Nabil President President's Office CE 120 Staff 310-287-4325
  Aggers Steve Athletics Director Athletics PECN 132 Staff 310-287-4513
  Aguiar Aracely Dean of Career & Tech Education Academic Affairs CE 114 Faculty 310-287-4238
  Alcala Celena Dean of Student Services Associated Student Organization (ASO) A9   Staff 310-287-4290
  Alemayehu Mesfin Instructor Science MSB 209 Faculty 310-287-4299
  Alexander Andre Custodian Plant Facilities A15   Staff 310-287-4307
  Alexander Linda Instructor Language Arts GC 280 J Faculty 310-287-7270
  Alvarez Arcelia SFP Specialist TRiO - Upward Bound B4   Staff 310-287-4445
  Alwash Mohamad Instructor Math MSB 212 Faculty 310-287-4216
  Amaugo Chukwuemeka Financial Aid Technician Financial Aid SSB 210 Staff 310-287-4396
  Andrew Hill Administrative Coordinator Academic Affairs CE   Staff 310-287-4546
  Apigo Mary-Jo Dean of Teaching & Learning Academic Affairs HLRC 315 Faculty 310-287-4410
  Arata Michael Chairperson Humanities & Fine Arts FA 102 Faculty 310-287-4538
  Arnold Dyan Admissions & Records Assistant Admissions & Records SSB 220 Staff 310-287-4365
  Atti Elisa Adjunct Instructor Science     Faculty  
  Avalos James Scoccer Coach Athletics PECN 130 Faculty 310-287-4293
  Bahta Abraha Chairperson Science MSB 231 Faculty 310-287-4236
  Bailey-Hofmann Holly Instructor Language Arts GC 280 E Faculty 310-287-4547
  Bakeer Kenyatta Instructor Child Development Department GC 180 B Faculty 310-287-4563
  Banday Patricia Director Student Success and Support Program (SS&SP) SSB 420 Staff 310-287-4473