Children's Corner

Sascha Recht

My Cats

Delilah, Annasophia and Hey you,
Some might say it's a zoo,
They meow and they prance,
They eat and they dance,
In fact, I'm sure that they'd dance for you!

To get them to meow,
You musn't do much,
To get them to meow,
You must surrender a touch!

To get them to prance,
It's surely a chance,
All that you do,
Is chase them 'round, then say "BOO!"

To get them to eat,
Well, that's really a treat,
To get them to feast,
Well, nothing, they're BEASTS!

To get them to dance,
Now that will def'nitely take chance,
To get them dancing on their paws,
You must give them something for their jaws!!

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