Christopher Benavides
The Flowering

"Out of the bushes a trembling leg in school uniform extends. Everyone goes silent. Dexter goes near it, his brother cranes over his shoulder. Marlin takes a step back. Dexter kicks the leg lightly with the tip of his tennis shoe. The rest of the body rolls out."

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benavidesChristopher Benavides is a student of Computer Science at West Los Angeles College. As a second-year student preparing to transfer to a four-year college, his daylight hours are mostly taken up by the different technical courses required of a Computer Science major. In his free time, he likes to dream up stories of horror and tragedy. When on the topic of writing, Christopher thinks back to Alain Leroy Locke Senior High School in South Central Los Angeles. It was there that he met his 11th grade English teacher, Mr. Keith Kobylka, whom he calls the single most influential character in his life over the past five years. Christopher always felt as if his mind accepted stories above all other things, but as a sixteen year old High School Junior the thought of a life where all you had to do was read and write seemed too good to be true. That, however, did not stop Mr. Kobylka from releasing the 11th grade English final, a minimum five-page story open to all topics. That assignment would ultimately convince him that a future of reading and writing could be a very serious matter. The hard work he invested into those five pages showed him a new side to writing. Especially after his English teacher offered him sincere praise, and most importantly, direct critique. Christopher is found today at West having completed his most recent course in writing, a Scriptwriting Class led by Dr. Katherine Boutry. It is during the late hours of the night, when all the Computer Science work is finished, that he returns to his realm of dark imagery and the bleak side of the human condition.


Landy Cordero
Second Chance

"The locker room is quiet when General manager Switzer enters, angry. He bypasses the players and goes straight to the coaches office. He slams the door behind him. Coach McCain is sitting down in his chair holding a glass of scotch. GMSITZER: What the hell was that?"

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corderoLandy Cordero is a self proclaimed “blue collar” writer. He was raised around sports and engines and, along with writing; he has continued to live that same blueprint. He is currently finishing up his BMW motorcycle training to add to his extensive motorcycle technician resume. With his current training, his schedule has freed up plenty of time for him to write. He is on his fifth feature and is developing his ideas for network television pilots. His dream is to own a motorcycle shop by the beach while being a television staff writer and continuing to write movie scripts.


Laura Dennis
Norman's Restaurant

"Welcome to Norman's / Where there's sunshine all day / All the customers complain so they don't have to pay. "

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Laura Dennis is currently studying at West and moving towards transferring soon. She enjoys reading and writing in her spare time. Laura took a screen writing class with Dr. Boutry at West and says, "It changed my life and open up a whole new world to me!"


Gary Green
I Hate Your Friends!

"A hot 24 year old brunette tiptoes up the mansion driveway. She ducks behind the trunk of a red convertible. She peeks up to see if the coast is clear before jetting a little further up the driveway. She ducks behind the next car. With an envelope in her hand. She quietly sets it on the step and tries to sneak away when the door opens."

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benavidesGary Green is an aspiring writer from Los Angeles, CA. His first inspiration as a writer came when he began writing poetry at 8 years old. After winning an award for a short poem titled "Disabled," Gary continued to write poems and short stories until he became immersed in song writing. At first stretching the bounds of his imagination to change lyrics to the most popular songs into comedic renditions, then later moving on to original material and eventually collaborating with various artist in the hip hop and R&B music scene. Currently, Gary is working on the completion of two screenplays, IHYF ("I Hate Your Friends"), a romantic comedy about a guy growing out of his friends and into love and "Going Hollywood," a comedy about an aspiring reality TV star who is upstaged by the criminal antics of his whacky bother-in-law.


Sergio Robertson
The Associates

"I have no intention of hiring her. I’m trying to f--- her. Then I’ll tell her we decided we don’t need anyone. I’m planning on hiring my sister anyway. You know I love my sis."

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