"The wire on which it is meant to hang should be just so…"


Sam Eisenstein
Just So

poetAsked to provide West with a brief autobiography, the writer sends West this requisite bare bones synopsis of what is and has been a busy and fulfilling life: “I've been in the English Dept. at LACC since 1961, 50 years! I have a Ph.D. from UCLA in comparative literature, another Master’s in Psychology from Goddard, and I am an MFT, marriage and family counselor licensed in California. My daughter Chana is a veterinarian in Willets, California; my stepson David is an ophthalmologist in West Los Angeles; my wife Bettyrae is an interior decorator. Green Integer and Red Hen have published six of my novels with several more under consideration. I have had stories or poems in such publications as Penthouse, Seventeen, and many small magazines. My plays have been done by La Mama, Odyssey Theatre Group, KPFK and others. Reading and writing occupy my leisure time away from the classroom, where my favorite class is creative writing, Writers Roundtable, English 127.”

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Just So

A brand new print
is perfect on a wall
occupied by a naive painting

Bumping the silk screen
to languish in a place
nobody much looks

The wire on which
it is meant to hang
should be just so

Lighting must be aimed
to illuminate the center
but not too much

The artist's name
is filmed with dust
the date is clear

That same year
we bought two
by the same artist

When our Dutch friend
and the artist both died
within the same month

And we had a flood
that spared the pictures
tears from the plumbing

In the future
alas not distant
the children will glance

At the location perfection
smile a little bit wry
at our choice of decorations

Not knowing or forgetting
the skein of associations
prompting the location

Of our memories
of our lives
of those departed

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