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"She knows there is no going back…"

Angela Mungin

A student at West Los Angeles College, Angela enjoys reading and watching movies. When she completes her program of study, she plans to transfer to a university and complete a Bachelor’s Degree.

Worst Day of School Ever

(298 Words Without Title)

As I walk around this massacre I see nothing but a taste of anger served cold on the plate of broken hearts, dreams; unnecessary revenge on her opponents. All of the students of Gretchen Grundler’s Boarding School for Girls have been murdered in a most inexplicably catastrophic way. I look around and see the once-beautiful head cheerleader with her lips cut off so that she can no longer smile, the future lab scientist made into one of her own experiments. I walk into the cafeteria and see the lunch lady choked by a hairnet, and I think to myself, where is she, my unbelievably evil principal who is responsible for this? All of a sudden I hear the softest footfalls I ever heard coming behind me, so I hide behind the lunch counter. As I am peeking around the corner to see her next move, I feel a hand on my right shoulder, and it is school Police Officer Mason. I frantically embrace him in a state of panic and try to explain that this lady is a psycho on the loose, but he, instead of listening to me, begins tying me to a chair. At this moment I realize that he is a part of this plan; perhaps he is being well-compensated for this job. He then shouts out, “Mommy, I got another one!” And it is clear. They circle around me like I am a new car on the lot. Immediately I begin to scream uncontrollably as I see her sharpening her knife, and I know this will be my last breath. So I close my eyes and hold my breath and nothing is happening. Anxiously, I open my eyes and I am home, in my room, and I realize it was all just a dream.


Kellan Rhude Reads - Worst Day of School Ever


"Now it seems as though he looks right through me."

Franchette Palmer

palmerBorn and raised in Southern California, Franchette has always had a passion for reading. New to creative writing, Franchette believes that “the ability to bring vivid life to characters whom people can feel and relate to is a priceless gift.” As a writer, Franchette wants to continue learning “the essential tools necessary to create stories that may have a positive impact on others,” and she also wants to help people in other ways. Over the last few years, Franchette reports that “a great interest in the law has taken root.” Currently enrolled in paralegal studies, she hopes to transfer to a university and major in Business Administration.

Sadly in Love

(295 Words Without Title)

Any minute now he'll be walking through the front door. I can hear his footsteps coming down the hall. "How many steps does he take to reach me?" Was it yesterday I counted 12? Or 11? I can't remember. Ugh! The sound of the doorknob turning takes me back to when times were beautiful. The endless nights lying awake talking and laughing till the wee hours of the morning. Those were good times, no...great times.

Now it seems as though he looks right through me. I can feel his presence near me. The lifeless kiss that was once so full of passion and love, now merely a chore against my forehead. I'm tired, tired because of the hand that's been dealt to me. Maybe in my dreams, the passion and love that was once between us will re-ignite. I dream a dream.

I can't believe it's our eighth wedding anniversary. I am more in love with my husband now than on the day we first met. For some, it's hard to believe in love at first sight, but our story was truly remarkable. I'd better hurry and get ready; he'll be home soon. We're going to our favorite restaurant for dinner. After another great meal, we toast to many more years of love and happiness together.

"Honey. Samantha, can you hear me!!?"

I wake up, startled, trapped in my own mind. He's standing over me waiting for a response. If only I could tell him how much I love him. I blink back tears I feel coming on and shake my head “yes.” I want things to be how they were, but that's only a wish. I'm the remnant of a woman that once was. This is my life now, our life after the accident.


Kellan Rhude Reads - Sadly in Love


" …I have good instincts for detecting danger."

Alfred Robinson

Alfred is not only a talented writer of quality fiction, but also a talented essay writer.  He is currently enrolled at West Los Angeles College, where--no surprise--his writing instructors have been impressed by his ability with the written word.

Small Is Relative or Big Is Relative

(274 Words Without Title)

“Why do I have to take the lead? I am tired of being the guinea pig. I am going to complain to the boss when I get back. Watch out! Incoming feet to the left! Quickly fall into that crack. I guess that I was chosen to lead, because I have good instincts for detecting danger.”

Larry spoke these words as he led the scouts across an extremely dangerous zone. He would love to hole up in this cracks. But, the others are counting on him to complete the mission before sundown.

“It looks like its clearing up, now. Let’s go. Wait! Hold up. What’s that noise? It’s a flood! Don’t panic. Relax and ride it out.”

Seconds later, the team ends up a great distance from their starting point. They were washed off of their path by the sudden deluge.
“Don’t worry, fellows. You know that this happens quite frequently in Los Angeles.”

Larry then assures the team that they would be back on trail in a few minutes. He is right. The team finally reaches its destination. They took samples of the find, and prepared for the dangerous return back to the home base.

When Larry returns to the base, he is greatly welcomed by the home team. During his victory speech, Larry explains to the new recruits: “It’s not easy being an ant. When going on scout runs, you can be stepped on, blown away by fierce winds, washed away by a sprinkler system, or even eaten. But, when you see how your efforts benefit the team, it makes it all worth it.


Kellan Rhude Reads - Small is Relative or Big is Relative

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