Sweet Kisses, My Love

“You stupid girl...! You useless pile of crap; you always be stupid, fat, and ugly; no one else wants you but me, and one else will treat you as good as I have!” roared Jonah at his wife Alexi, who was cooking spaghetti for dinner one evening. "How come you can't do anything right for once? All I ask of you is cook and that so hard to do an’ after all I have done for you...? You wouldn't be nothing if it wasn't for me!" he stammers as his hand slashes across Alexi's face. Jonah knocks the big pot of food onto the floor and storms out of room.

Jonah Morningside was married to Alexi, a kind, simple woman who has been swindled into a loveless, brutal marriage by her family just because he's rich and powerful. You see, Jonah was one of the most eligible bachelors in the city, and he always got what he wanted, no matter what. He wielded his influence around like a sword slicing through and destroying anything that was in his way.

Alexi Kraftsbury, on the other hand, was quite the opposite. She was a humble soul who wanted nothing more than to make her family proud and respected members of the community, so she had no choice then but to marry Jonah. She wants to leave, but why? Compared to other housewives and women her age in her town, she is better off, and after all, she has no formal education to do anything else but be a housewife. Yeah, he physically and mentally abuses her, but in Alexi’s mind, she deserves it because she provokes him to do it.

"... He doesn't really mean it; Jonah loves me with all his heart and soul! ”Alexi says to herself as she cleans up the mess that was left by her husband.

The very next day when Alexi wakes up in the morning, she finds a pretty pink box with a red bow and a note attached to it on her nightstand. She reads the note: "To the most wonderful wife in the world! I'm sorry...I love you! Love, Jonah.” Then she opens the box: a pair of diamond earrings with a matching necklace and bracelet.

Alexi thinks to herself, "How nice and sweet of him; see, told you he loves me!" She smiles.

Jonah is always buying her expensive gifts to make up for the lack of self-control he has, but what woman wouldn’t want to be pampered and taken care of, to never have to want for anything? But what Alexi doesn't want to realize is that glamour comes at a price, and if she's not careful, it could be her life.

Later on that day, Alexi’s sister drops by for a visit unexpectedly, and knocks on the door.

“Who is it?” Alexi yells. “It’s your sister, Jaslynn; open the door!”

“Just a minute, hold on!” Alexi says frantically, as she looks for something to cover up the bruise that was left on her face by Jonah last evening. Finally, she runs downstairs and opens the door.

Jaslynn steps inside and is amazed at what she sees. The house is as big as a mansion with all the trimmings, like expensive art pieces stationed all around the house and the gold trimming on all the arches of the doorways in the hall. It’s as if she’s in a fairytale and her sister Alexi is playing the part of Cinderella. Seeing how bewildered her sister looks, Alexi says: “You like the place. I just finished remodeling it last month.” Jaslynn nods in agreement, but is still in shock at how beautiful everything is.

Alexi replies with a “How are you and the family doing?” and leans in for a hug from Jaslynn. The two sisters embrace, but when Jaslynn starts to release herself from the embrace, she notices a dark mark on her sister’s left cheek.

“What’s this dark mark on your face, love?” Jaslynn asks quizzically as she rubs the spot on her sister’s face. “Ohhh, that…! It’s nothing, just a bruise; it was an accident,” Alexi utters while jerking her face away from her sister’s hand.

Jaslynn says, “It was an accident, huh...? Now, how did that happen?”

Suddenly, Jaslynn has a horrible thought. “Is that man beating up on you again, Alexi? I keep telling you to leave him before it’s too late!” she exclaims. Alexi replies in a melodramatic tone: “He doesn’t hit me anymore, honest! I ran into the kitchen door…yea, that’s it. Yesterday, I was on the phone and wasn’t paying attention, and while I was walking out the door, Jonah was walking in, and I got hit with the door. It was an accident, I swear!” Alexi cries out: “Jonah loves me with all his heart and soul, and I love him the same. I will never leave him because we need each other, and the family needs his support to live good like they have been doing for the past five years. I couldn’t live with myself if I knew I was the reason we were poor again, struggling just to make ends meet,” Alexi declares vigorously

“Okay, okay...I believe you! Calm down, but anyway I have to go. I just wanted to drop by and say hello. Talk to you later, Sis, I hope. One day, you will leave, and I will be right there with you,” Jaslynn mumbles as she kisses her sister Alexi goodbye and walks out the front door, closing it behind her. But Alexi did leave her husband eventually, or let’s just say her husband left her…for good.

Now Alexi lives with her sister Jaslynn and the rest of the family in another town safe from the newspaper reporters who want a scoop on the Morningside homicide. Apparently, while Alexi was out running errands one day, someone came to the home to kill Jonah while he was eating lunch, and set the house on the fire.

A few months have passed since that tragic day, and Alexi is reading the newspaper. She sees the top story headline: “Dead Millionaire leaves everything to wife in will along with millions in a life insurance policy”! Alexi smiles, and says, “Jonah, when you were alive, you wasn’t much of a husband!” Just then Jaslynn walks in, hands her a cup of tea, and says, “But now that he’s gone, he’s a great husband!” They both laugh as they sip tea on the balcony of their new mansion.

squaresnephatera dixon

Nephatera Dixon strives to make her fiction both meaningful and humorous. In this work, which she developed in her Science Fiction class at West, she tells the story of a young woman who manages not only to survive her rich, abusive husband—but also to inherit all his money.