What Do You See?

Look at my face;
tell me what do you see?
Eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks–
but do you really see me?

When you look at my body,
tell me what do you see?
Hands, arms, legs and feet–
but do you really see me?

Put all the parts together;
now is my body complete?
Looking at me now,
what do you see?

Did you challenge my mind,
to see the knowledge it contained?
What about my heart;
did you feel the love deep within?

Now put them together;
tell me what do you see?
If you put everything together,
then you see the real me….

squaresbrenda king

A mother of four adult children and six grandchildren, Brenda King, after 40 years, has returned to college to complete her degree in Business Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies. Brenda has a unique way of expressing her deep personal thoughts in her poetry, and in so doing, confronting people’s personal conflicts in life today. In her spare time she enjoys cooking (all cuisines), cake decorating, painting statuary, and most importantly…she loves to write inspirational poetry that expresses her very spiritual inner life. The poem “What Do You See?” is inspired by a personal experience: seeing a young teenage girl who had been sexually assaulted lose her self-esteem.