Hang Loose

Hang loose means to be easy bruddah. When you hang loose you loosin' your trucks up real wobbly and let' your skateboard carve against the vertical wall of the cement bowl. You ride the wave. Let life take its course and ride through all the hairpins, ebbs and tides. This is the way to live a long, happy life. Hang on for the ride, and ride through the bumps with your knees loose.

squaresEnzo Adabachi

enzoA poet/skateboarder, Enzo Adabachi is the child of an African American mother and a Lebanese father, and attends West. Of life, he muses, "I always believe life is bigger than the surface. We live in a world of lucidity and hallucinations." In his poetry, he says, "I love materializing dreams and metaphysical manifestation," and if he gets a tattoo, "it'll be across my chest, and it might read: 'Two feet on the ground, one head in the clouds.'" In life, he'd like to be "the champion, the healer," and leave a lasting legacy through his art.