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Student success Committee

Committee Charge.   West Los Angeles College is committed to assisting all students to reach their full potential.  This new committee of the Academic Senate will support innovation to increase student success.


The committee has oversight for the following: 

  • Update the Foundation Skills Plans for adoption by the college. 
  • Encourage the implementation of the action items in the plan; monitor and assess progress in achieving the goals of the plan. 
  • Utilize the program review process to ensure that the implementation of the Foundation Skills Plan remains aligned and integrated with the other college-wide plans:  the Educational Master Plan, the Technology Plan, the Student Services Plan and the Facilities Plan. 
  • Review and assess SLO reports prepared by divisions
  • Select representatives to the LACCD Student Success Committee
  • Encourage participation in District-wide student success activities.


Committee Membership.  The committee is co-chaired by a faculty member and by an administrator.    There are a total of 12 committee members.  Membership is representative of concerned constituent groups.

  • General education divisions – 5 representatives, including one from English and one from Math
  • Vocational Divisions – 2 representatives
  • Student Services – 2 representatives:  one from Counseling, one from Assessment
  • ASO – 1 representative
  • Grants – 1 representative



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