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Frequently Asked Questions about the Assessment Test


West Los Angeles College is fully committed to each student and their individual educational journey. After 50 years of service to students we realize that it is in the best interest of the student to provide a rigorous academic program that prepares the student for Transfer to the University or their Vocational goal. We have found that we best support students when they are academically prepared for the coursework they endeavor to pursue. To this end Assessment Testing in Foundational Courses such as English, Math, and English as a Second Language is necessary. Through Assessment testing and additional information provided by you the student; Counselors are able to accurately advise you into the courses that are best for you.  

How can I prepare for the Assessment Test? 

Students are strongly advised to prepare for Assessment testing before attempting the Assessment test. Assessment test preparation can be done using the free web-based study app.                                           


How many times can I take the Assessment test?  

Students can test 2 times (twice) in a term with an intervention (a non-credit course or tutorial assistance) and without intervention re-test requires one cycle in between test and re-test with a maximum of 2 tests maximum. Exception: For students who successfully accessed an intervention such as a non-credit class or credit class short-term, tutorial the student is allowed to re-test in the same semester he/she tested. This plan is subject to change. For more information please call the Assessment Center (310) 287-4462.


How long are the results valid?   

Assessment results are valid for two years, after which time you may need to re-test.  


Why should I take the Assessment test?  

Every student should take the Assessment test unless exempt. Since reading, writing and mathematics are essential skills for learning and understanding all subjects, is helpful for students to know their level of performance in these areas. Testing in these subjects, as well as English as a Second Language (ESL) will show your educational strengths and needs and can provide useful information for planning a course of study at West Los Angeles College. Testing is not conducted to keep you out of college or specific classes. Your test results along with your High School records, educational and employment services, current work schedule and motivational level, can be used to help you plan your courses.  


Who takes the Assessment Test?

Students who have declared one of the following goals on their college application:

  • A Vocational Certificate
  • An Associates Degree
  • Transfer to a Four Year University
  • Undecided about your specific goals and considering one of the above options.


Who is exempt from the Assessment test?

Exemptions from the Assessment Process are available to students who have completed:

  • An Associate Degree or higher
  • The appropriate pre-requisite course with a grade of “C” or better as documented on an Official Transcript.
  • An Assessment test placement results (not to exceed two years) from any college from Los Angeles Community College District. 

IF ANY OF THE ABOVE APPLY, Submit your transcripts along with a completed Prerequisite & Assessment Completion Form to

"Can I take any classes before I complete assessment and/or submit the Prerequisite & Assessment Completion Form?" YES. You can take any class that does not have a pre-requisite. But to ensure you don't waste time and money and that you have a high registration priority, complete the steps of Expressway as soon as possible.

Can I use UNOFFICIAL transcripts or other documentation instead of an official transcript when I submit the Prerequisite & Assessment Completion Form?" YES. Often unofficial transcripts or other documents will be accepted to clear a pre-requisite so that you can take a particular class. However, you will ultimately need to submit official transcripts if you want courses taken elsewhere to apply toward earning a certificate or degree.


What if I have previously taken an Assessment Test/ or Class at another college?  

If you have taken a pre-requisite course (a course completed at with a grade of “C” or better before a student can take a higher level course) or the Assessment exam in Los Angeles Community College District you may be exempt from the Assessment process. Bring your Transcript showing your Placement results to the Counseling Center located in SSB 350.


What if I have completed High School AP courses?  

Please send an official copy of your High School Transcript to along with a completed Prerequisite & Assessment Completion Form


What is the Assessment Test like?  

The Assessment test is adaptive. This allows students to take their time completing the test. The computer automatically determines which questions are presented to you based on your response to the previous questions. If necessary a student is allowed to take the Assessment test once a semester. Adaptive testing is a process where test items are dynamically selected from a collection of test items. These items are based on your response to previous questions.



If a student is presented with a question and answers it incorrectly he/she will be presented with a less difficult question. Conversely, if a student answers a question correctly, he/she will continue to receive questions each more difficult. The Assessment test stores all the responses and along with your answers to other questions will create an appropriate placement for you.  


Do I have to pay for the Assessment Test?  

Assessment Services are free to students.  For assistance concerning Placement Result Interpretation see a counselor.