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Welcome to the Rideshare Program Website @West Los Angeles College

West Los Angeles College encourages employees to use alternative modes of transportation to reduce air pollution. Incentives are offered to those employees that carpool, take public transportation, bike or walk.

Carpoolers – Employees who ride with one or more West L. A. College employees will be given preferential parking in a designated carpool space. Carpoolers also receive a monetary incentive.

Public Transportation – Employees who take the bus/rail will receive a monthly subsidy.

Walk or Bike – Bicycle parking is available in Lot 5. Employees who walk or ride a bike also receive a monetary incentive.

Guaranteed Ride Home – Employees who carpool and have a personal emergency situation will be provided with a ride home.

Personalized commute assistance – The Employee Transportation Coordinator will provide personalized assistance in the formation of carpools, identifying park and ride lots, and in providing personalized transit routes and schedule information.



  • Carpoolers: $1 day
  • Walk: $1 day
  • Bicycle: $1 day
  • Public Transit or rail: $25 a month with a minimum of 12 days(with verification)

Applications for transportation incentives should be submitted on a monthly basis by the 10th of the following month (for example, applications for May must be submitted by June 10).

Download the Incentive Application Form

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Contact our Employee Transportation Coordinator Hansel Tsai
Email:  tsaih@wlac.edu
Phone:  (310) 287-4338

Useful Links

Trip Planner
Description: Plan your bus trip. Enter starting location, your destination and the time you will be traveling. Trip planner will tell you what buses to take, the time to catch the bus, and the cost for your trip. It will also tell you how much money you are saving by taking the bus rather than driving.

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Current Traffic

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Santa Monica Big Blue Bus




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