Educational Master Plan Workgroup:

A collaborative effort of the Academic Senate/ Educational Policies and Standards Committee and the Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (PIE) Committee



Holly Bailey-Hofmann

Rebecca Tillberg

Hector Banuelos

Phyllis Braxton

Judy Chow

Carmen Dones

Allen Hansen

Maria Mancia

Adriana Martinez

Clare Norris

Bob Sprague

Joyce Sweeney

Ken Takeda

Alice Taylor

Helen Young



Co-Chair of EMP Workgroup; Showcase Director; English Faculty

Co-Chair of EMP Workgroup; Dean, Research & Planning

ASO Representative

Vice President, Student Services

Chair, Library; Vice President, Academic Senate

Chair, Allied Health Division; Co-Chair PIE Committee

Facilities Director

EOPS and Foster Care Director, Classified Representative

Articulation Officer; Counseling Faculty

ATD Lead; English Faculty

Vice President; Academic Affairs

PIE Committee Member; Music Faculty

Vice President; Administrative Services

Accreditation Chair; Humanities Faculty

Transfer Center Director; Counselor


Resource Persons:


Agyeman Boateng

Adrienne Foster

Fran Leonard



Research Analyst, Office of Research & Planning

President, Academic Senate

Chair, College Council; Chair, Language Arts Division


 EMP Update Newsletter


WLAC Educational Master Plans


Related Plans, Processes and Standards


Working Documents


Environmental Scan Data      



LACCD Strategic Plan - VISION 2017

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Outline

Baseline Data

Strategic Planning Initiative: SWOT, Mission, Vision

Environmental Scan Data





Educational Master Plan Workgroup






05/15/13 Agenda Minutes  
06/12/13 Agenda Minutes  
06/26/13 Agenda Minutes  
07/10/13 Agenda Minutes  
07/24/13 Agenda Minutes  
08/07/13 Agenda Minutes  
09/11/13 Agenda Minutes  
09/25/13 Agenda Minutes

SDs-Goals-Objective Distinctions

EMP Ground Rules

Task List

10/09/13 Agenda Minutes

EMP 2011-2014 Matrix Implementation Evaluation 10-8-13

Implications Summary

Consolidated Ground Rules

Essential Characteristics of Excellent Planning Processes

Integrated Planning and EMP

Integrated Planning and ACCJC Standards and Rubrics

Initial Organization, Scope, Duration and Contents of the Plan Outline

Implementation Summary

LACCD Vision Analysis

10/23/13 Agenda Minutes

WLAC AS & SS Growth Projection Report

WLAC Growth Projection Report

Budget Allocation Process

ML_Notes on Relations

2014-15 Proposed Budget Calendar

2013-14 Final Budget Allocation Page 3

EMP Homework 10-23-13

Mission, Vision, and Values

10/30/13 Agenda Minutes CA Equity Plan, and all Other Environmental Scan Data above
11/13/13 Agenda Minutes  
11/27/13 Agenda Minutes  This meeting was cancelled; there are no minutes.
12/11/13 Agenda Minutes  These are meeting notes, not yet complied officially as minutes.
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