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Winter 2014 Online Courses

Courses run from 01/06/14 until 02/09/14, unless otherwise noted.

Priority registration begins on 10/21/13
Continuing student registration begins on 10/24/13
New and returning student registration begins on 11/04/13

Courses designated as (ACT) are open to all students.



ACCOUNTING 001                                        5.00 Units
NOTE:  Same as Accounting 21 plus Accounting 22.
DESCRIPTION: This course emphasizes basic accounting theory and practices which include an analysis of records of original entry and their relationship to the general ledger, controlling accounts and their subsidiary ledgers, the voucher system, periodic adjustments, worksheets, financial statements, and closing the ledger.

#8001    G. LUDWIG
(5 Week Class - Starts 1/6/2014, Ends 2/9/2014)



ALLIED HEALTH 033                                        3.00 Units
DESCRIPTION: This course is designed for students interested in learning more about medical terminology and basic anatomy and applying this knowledge to a variety of allied health professions. Students will develop a comprehensive medical vocabulary applicable to all specialties of medicine through the study of Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes and root words. Students will also develop a basic understanding of anatomy and the function of major body systems.

#8002    C.M. CHAMBERS
(5 Week Class - Starts 1/6/2014, Ends 2/9/2014)


ANTHROPOLOGY 101                                     3.00 Units
NOTE: This course satisfies Area 5 (Physical & Biological Sciences) requirements for the IGETC. DESCRIPTION: Anthropology 101 presents the scientific approach in unraveling the mystery of the evolution of humankind through investigation of human fossil remains (e.g. the 3.5 million-year-old footprints and the 'Lucy' skeleton of East Africa), making use of recent DNA research -- much of it coming out of the Human Genome Project -- and by looking at studies of monkeys and apes so we can better assess our relationship to the other primates. The course examines the dynamic relationship between humans and their environment, and explores scientific explanations for human variation.

#8011    A. PREZIOSI
(5 Week Class - Starts 1/6/2014, Ends 2/9/2014)


ANTHROPOLOGY 111                                      2.00 Units
NOTE: This course satisfies a Life Science lab requirement - must be taken in the same semester or after Anthropology 101. DESCRIPTION: This laboratory class offers an exploration of selected topics in biological anthropology including genetics, human variation, the living primates, and human paleontology.

#8013   A. PREZIOSI
(5 Week Class - Starts 1/6/2014, Ends 2/9/2014)



BUSINESS 001                                                 3.00 Units
NOTE: Students who are Business majors or who are considering a change to that major are advised to take this course as a foundation.
DESCRIPTION: It is a survey of the fundamental aspects of all phases of business including entrepreneurship alternative, management/leadership, marketing, accounting, law, financial management and institutions, investing through the securities market, and challenges facing global markets.

#8016   M. FINN
(5 Week Class - Starts 1/6/2014, Ends 2/9/2014)



CHILD DEVELOPMENT 001                            3.00 Units
RECOMMENDED: For those interested in professions involving children. NOTE: It is recommended that all Child Development students take the Math and English assessment placement test before or concurrently with this course. NOTE: This course is a prerequisite for Child Development 3, 4, 22 and 23. Required for Teaching Permit. DESCRIPTION: This is an introductory Child Development course covering the theoretical concepts of human development, focusing on growth and development from conception through adolescence. The physical, cognitive and psychosocial domains of development as well as the ways in which nature and environment influence growth will be studied within cultural and family context.

#8018   M. SHEPHERD
(5 Week Class - Starts 1/6/2014, Ends 2/9/2014)



COMMUNICATION STUDIES 121                   3.00 Units
DESCRIPTION: This is an advanced course in the analysis of the principles and significance of interpersonal social interactions in all areas of life. Perception, building positive relationships, personal disclosure, self-fulfilling prophecies, effective listening, communication apprehension, verbal and non-verbal communication, the impact of gender and culture on communication, expressing emotion, assertiveness, aggression, and conflict management will be examined.

(5 Week Class - Starts 1/6/2014, Ends 2/9/2014)



ECONOMICS 001                                              3.00 Units
DESCRIPTION: Explores the decision-making process of the individual, the firm, and the industry when confronted with scarcity. Topics include: forms of business organizations, the role of government in the economic system, and labor-management relations.

#8028   M. KESKINEL
(5 Week Class - Starts 1/6/2014, Ends 2/9/2014)

#8030    M. KESKINEL
(5 Week Class - Starts 1/6/2014, Ends 2/9/2014)



ECONOMICS 002                                              3.00 Units
NOTE: Economics 1 is not a prerequisite for Economics 2. DESCRIPTION: This course explores the causes of unemployment, inflation, dollar depreciation, economic stagnation, as well as policy changes. Topics include: the national income, business fluctuations, the financial system, public finance and international economics.

#8032   R. MABSOUT
(5 Week Class - Starts 1/6/2014, Ends 2/9/2014)

#8033   R. MABSOUT
(5 Week Class - Starts 1/6/2014, Ends 2/9/2014)



HEALTH 011                                                       3.00 Units
DESCRIPTION: This course will survey information regarding personal and community health, and basic principles of healthful living. Such subjects as drug and alcohol abuse, cancer, AIDS, nutrition, diet, personal care and consumer health will be covered. Recommend taking English 101 before enrolling.

#8073    H.M. FISHER
(5 Week Class - Starts 1/6/2014, Ends 2/9/2014)

(5 Week Class - Starts 1/6/2014, Ends 2/9/2014)


LEARNING ASSISTANCE, SUPERVISED 001T                                                       0.00 Units
DESCRIPTION: No-cost academic help in a variety of subject matters. Students work one-on-one or in small groups with tutor-coaches. All tutoring/learning assistance/academic coaching is FREE to West students.

#8970    K. LEE

#8971    K. LEE


POLITICAL SCIENCE 001                                3.00 Units
DESCRIPTION: This course studies the United States political system: theory, structure, functions of national, state and local government. Meets U.S. Constitution requirement.

#8130   S. KHOROOSHI
(5 Week Class - Starts 1/6/2014, Ends 2/9/2014)


PSYCHOLOGY 014                                           3.00 Units
DESCRIPTION: This course deals with maladaptive behavior of human beings. Topics covered include history of abnormal psychology, classifications, clinical frameworks, causal factors, treatment and outcomes of mental illness, assessment utilizing the DSM-IV, therapy, and prevention. Major categories of mental disorders are presented including mood, anxiety, stress, somatoform, dissociative, psychosexual, personality, and schizophrenia.

#8080    C. CANALES
(5 Week Class - Starts 1/6/2014, Ends 2/9/2014)



SPANISH 001                                                    5.00 Units
DESCRIPTION: Fundamentals of Spanish pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and culture. Stresses the ability to understand read, write, and speak simple Spanish. Use of the language laboratory may be required. Basic computer knowledge required for interactive activities.

#8144    N. JACINTO
(5 Week Class - Starts 1/6/2014, Ends 2/9/2014)

Accuracy Statement
The Los Angeles Community College District and West Los Angeles College have made every effort to make the Schedule of Classes accurate and may, without notice, change general information, courses, or programs offered. The reasons for change may include student enrollment, level of funding, or other issues decided by the District or College. The District and College also reserve the right to add to, change, or cancel any rules, regulations, policies, and procedures as provided by law.

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