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What is the Online Education Initiative?

The Online Education Initiative (OEI) is a collaborative effort among California Community Colleges (CCCs) to increase student success and completion by working together to increase access to quality online courses and support services for students.


Ensure that more students can obtain certificates, degrees, and transfer to four-year colleges in a timely manner. Special attention is given to support services that are tailored the diverse needs of community college students.


Strong involvement of stakeholders throughout the CCC system. The OEI Steering Committee is represented by leaders from all facets of our system, including faculty, distance education coordinators, support staff, administrators, and students. The initial implementation involves 24 pilot colleges representing the diversity of colleges. The OEI management team collectively has over 75 years of CCC experience.


  • Expand student access to quality online courses by providing support for course improvements aligned with common quality standards and by facilitating cross-college enrollment
  • Increase student success and completion with support and services such as tutoring, online learning readiness, and basic skills support
  • Encourage faculty and staff involvement with professional development, instructional design support, networking, and content resources
  • Improved access to courses and services through an innovative common online learning environment
  • Leverage cost through systemwide licensing


Step-by-Step Guide to Course Review

Prior to review, initial or re-review, an instructional design consult is highly recommended. A consult is required prior to re-review if your course was not aligned in any section of Area D. Please use this link to up an appointment for instructional design support -

Ready for an initial review or a re-review? Please provide designer access to in a copy of your course. We do not want access to your live course. Depending on your local Canvas implementation, you may or may not need assistance from your technical support to make this happen.

Application for Course Re-Review -

Application for Initial Course Review -

"Just like the support service we offer our students, we have experienced staff to support faculty through the Course to CCMS process. @ONE has created the Instructional Design Support Center to provide comprehensive support to the faculty who are participating in the OEI. The Support Center is constantly growing in response to the evolving needs of the OEI project." Visit for more information.

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OEI Quest for Online Success Tutorials

Student Success Workshop Slideshow:


    West now has a license to add NetTutor to all online/hybrid/web enhanced classes! With one click your students will have access to 24/7 help from live tutors in a variety of subjects. If you want to enable NetTutor contact Cyrus Helf at This service is available for all courses - Online, Hybrid, and Web Enhanced.

  • NetTutor Presentation
  • Online Tutoring Services FAQ for Pilot Colleges
  • NetTutor is seamlessly integrated within the learning management system, which allows students to access the service with single-sign-on functionality.
  • All NetTutor tutors are U.S. educated, trained tutors with prior teaching and/or tutoring experience and perform online tutoring services from a single U.S.-based facility.
  • All NetTutor tutors are full-time employees.
  • NetTutor staff use the same learning materials as students to provide support that is tailored to their needs.
  • NetTutor tutors are available to assist students 24/7/365.
  • The NetTutor Director works with each client to co-create the “rules of engagement” (ROE), which outlines how the tutors will interact with students. In this way, faculty has the opportunity to customize NetTutor to ensure it will help students succeed.
  • The NetTutor whiteboard interface (the WorldWideWhiteboard®) contains a broader set of subject-specific symbols and tools than that used by any other online tutoring service.
  • NetTutor provides online tutoring expertise in the most subject areas, including Information Technology, Nursing Programs, and Allied Health.
  • Students/faculty/staff can reach the Customer Support team by submitting a support request via links on the NetTutor or WorldWideWhiteboard webpages, calling 813-674-0660 x204, or emailing

    In some cases it is important for NetTutor to have access to your syllabus/text book. Send copies of your syllabus and/or e-books to Chuck Meyers, Regional Sales Manager for California. 916-612-6994


    In partnership with the service provider, Proctorio, the Online Education Initiative (OEI) is currently offering computer-based examination proctoring. Fully integrated into the college’s Learning Management System (LMS), Proctorio equips faculty with tools to monitor and restrict online testing environments and to review academic integrity reports directly from their grade book. Online courses with a need for in-person examination proctoring will be accommodated through a developing network of participating colleges.

  • Faculty Instructions
  • Proctorio FAQ
  • Proctorio Examination Review Guide
  • Proctorio also has phone support available, please use: 760-227-7129 or 1-855-530-0985. Email