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How to log into ETUDES

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In order to log into your online course, you need to know your
ETUDES User ID and Password. Please follow the ETUDES
login instructions below.
Please be aware that you may not be able to access your online/hybrid courses until the official
start date of the term. Your User ID and Password may not work before the first day of class.

The Etudes Login page is at

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Note* If you are enrolled in Econ 001 Section 8028 or Geology 001 Section 8078 or 8351
These Fall semester courses are part of the OEI Pilot Program and will be accessed through the Canvas course management system instead of Etudes. See Getting Started with Canvas for more information. 24/7 helpline - 1-844-303-5590


Your Etudes User ID is your Student ID Number (not your SS#)

Example: Jose Garcia has the following Student ID: 880123456

Based on this example, Jose's ETUDES User ID would be 880123456

ETUDES Password (first time login)

MonthDay of birth in school records

Jose Garcia's birthday is April 11th, 1982 (04/11/82). Based on this example, Jose's ETUDES Password would be 0411

When you log in for the first time Etudes will ask you to change your password.

NOTE: This is a permanent account that you will use for all ETUDES courses for this term and all subsequent terms. Your login information does not get reset from term to term. When you change your password, the change will apply to all of your current and future courses. Please save your login information for future reference.


West L.A. College uses ETUDES, a learning management system, for all online/hybrid courses. ETUDES (pronounced A-Tudes) stands for Easy To Use Distance Education Software.

System Requirements for ETUDES

ETUDES works on any computer (PC or Mac), however, a few minor adjustments may be necessary to ensure that your online course functions properly on your computer. Please carefully review the ETUDES system requirements before your course begins.

Student Help Guide to ETUDES

Student Help

ETUDES Demonstration Videos

If you are new to ETUDES, we strongly recommend that you take a few moments to view the following demonstration videos in addition to the Online Student Success Tutorial which will help you to quickly learn your way around your online course.

ETUDES Frequently Asked Questions