Distance Education Committee

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Ideas won't keep, something must be done about them."

- Alfred North Whitehead, English mathematician & philosopher

Committee Charge:

  1. Develop recommended policies related to distance learning, including but not limited to, methods associated with online and hybrid course delivery.
  2. Develop agendas and submit approved minutes of each meeting to the Senate.
  3. Report periodically to the Academic Senate on:
    1. Student success (retention and course completion) rates for online and hybrid courses based on data provided by the college researcher.
    2. Support services that are offered to distance learning faculty and distance learning students, and any additional support services that are recommended to by the committee.


The West Los Angeles College Distance Education Committee advises the Academic Senate in its decision-making regarding Distance Education issues. It is a standing committee of the Academic Senate. The committee will discuss and refer any issues regarding working conditions and other labor issues to the appropriate bargaining unit(s).

Reporting Line: Academic Senate

Brown Act: Yes

Committee Members:

Eric Ichon - Administrative Co-Chair

Linda Alexander, Faculty Co-Chair

Term for Chair - 2 years

AFT Representatives
  • Alice Taylor
  • Ken Taira
Academic Senate Representatives
  • Nancy Sander
  • Dr. Arnita Porter
  • Nancy Brambila

Faculty must be appointed by Academic Senate; currently includes 3 AFT Faculty representatives and 2 Academic Senate representatives. There is one Academic Senate vacancy.

Meeting Schedule:

  • 02/17/16
  • 03/09/16 - Meeting in the GC Conference Room - GC 210K
  • 04/13/16
  • 05/18/16
Meetings will be held from 1:30 - 3:00pm in the PCR unless otherwise noted.



Online Education Initiative Report to Distance Education (PDF) / May. 2014
Distance Education Accessibility Guidelines (PDF) / Jan. 2011
DE Committee Report to the Academic Senate (PDF) / Feb. 2014
Online Instructors' Handbook (MS Word) / spring 2012