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This project will develop the campus website into a communication platform for the West community. Currently, the campus website provides an information platform that takes advantage of the basic, but powerful, features of the web/Internet - the information is present in volume, at virtually any time, from anywhere with an Internet connection, with relatively low, but not insignificant, cost and effective timeliness of distribution. West has been successful in this first phase of providing web-based services.

The next phase is to build the website into a communication vehicle. This will take significantly more resources than have been currently allocated by the campus. The resources are primarily personnel based, though additional software and hardware will be required (see the Go West project). In addition, the information capacity of the website will also be developed further using these personnel resources.

The communication function of the website will be defined by the marketing plan that is being developed as part of Enrollment Management. Essentially, the plan is to address the first phase of the LifeMap model (see the student success initiative project) high school to college transition pipeline. The website will identify these types of users more clearly. The content of the website will be tailored to meet the needs of these users.

In addtion to changing the task of the website from information to communication, the website will also receive some design and usability updates, based on feedback from various constituencies on campus.


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