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Student Success Initiative

As part of a District-wide effort, West is engaging in a discussion of student success.

At West, we are exploring the LifeMap model as a way to organize our ideas and efforts. The LifeMap model works on the principle that student success is achieved by creating independent learners and describes the student experience in five stages:

  • high school to college transition
  • the start of college (first 15 units)
  • transition to degree
  • the graduation transition
  • lifelong learning

Our Go West, marketing plan and website re-tasking projects are currently using the LifeMap model.

Student Success Reading List:

  • Ten Commandments
  • Student Engagement
  • LifeMap materials

West's efforts:

  • Scorecard
  • Marketing Plan
  • Website Re-tasking
  • Go West
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Through innovative programs and responsive Community services, West Los Angeles College empowers students to succeed.

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