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OIE is the next step in the institutionalization of evidence (or data) based decision making. Research and Planning, the former functional name for this effort, are now combined in a cross-organizational framework. The purpose is to create a more effective organization.

To view our previous existences (different time, different personnel), please view these links to research (http://www.wlac.edu/wintranet/Research/test3.htm)and planning (http://www.wlac.edu/wintranet/Research/planning.htm).

Please contact us if you think we can help. We will.


Edward Pai, Ph.D.
Information Scientist & College Researcher
paiey@wlac.edu, Ext. 4472

Geneat Walton
Effectiveness Specialist
waltong@wlac.edu, Ext. 4276

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Edward Pai, Ph.D.
College Researcher
paiey@wlac.edu, Ext. 4472


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