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Welcome to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (the "OIE"). In education, there is a very simple definition for Institutional Effectiveness - STUDENT SUCCESS. Everyone on campus has an impact on student success, and we are here to help West increase that success. One way to increase success is to understand our operations. A major function of this office is to identify, collect, analyze and present the data that can help West understand what we do. When we understand what we do, we can use that understanding (in its documented form - evidence) to help us decide what to do next.

What you will find here:

  • Services : A list of how we can help you.
  • Data Book 2.0: Our online Research Library.
  • Projects: Descriptions of our current work.
  • About OIE: Staff and contact information.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness understands that INFORMATION is a process, not a thing. While there are a number of pre-packaged reports and data sets that we offer the campus, the most important service is helping West to ask the right questions. If you have a problem, our job is to help you to develop the most effective solution for that problem, using all of the data, experiences and resources available to us. We do not have all of the answers, but we can help you to find the answers by helping you to ask the right questions.


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Welcome to the OIE

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Edward Pai, Ph.D.
College Researcher
paiey@wlac.edu, Ext. 4472



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