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Every student should take the Assessment test unless exempt. Since reading, writing and mathematics are essential skills for learning and understanding all subjects, it is helpful for students to know their level of performance in these areas. Testing in these subjects,  as well as English as a Second Language (ESL) will show your educational strengths and needs and can provide useful information for planning a course of study at West Los Angeles College. Testing is not conducted to keep you out of college or specific classes. Your test results along with your High School records, educational and employment services, current work schedule and motivational level, can be used to help you plan your courses.


Who takes the Assessment Test?

Students who have declared one of the following goals on their college application:

  • A Vocational Certificate
  • An Associates Degree
  • Transfer to a Four Year University
  • Undecided about your specific goals and considering one of the above options.


Waivers/ Exemptions:

Exemptions from the Assessment Process are available to students who have completed:

  • An Associate Degree or higher
  • Less than 15 units of College courses for Personal Development The appropriate pre-requisite course with a grade of ā€œCā€ or better as documented on an Official Transcript. Along with the transcript students must complete and attach a Pre-requisite Challenge form. Form are available in the Counseling Center and Office of Matriculation Services.
  • An Assessment test at another college (not to exceed two years) provided as an official college document and submitted to the WLAC Counseling Office. Along with this documentation students must attach a Pre-requisite Challenge form available in the Counseling Center or Office of Matriculation Services.

Pre-requisite Challenge Form


For assistance concerning Placement Result Interpretation: Please contact: Counseling Department @ (310) 287-4250


What if I have previously taken an Assessment Test/ or Class at another college?  

If you have taken a pre-requisite course (a course completed at with a grade of ā€œCā€ or better before a student can take a higher level course) or the Assessment exam at another college you may be exempt from the Assessment process. Bring your Official Transcript showing your Placement results to the Counseling Center.


What if I have completed High School AP courses?  

Please take an official copy of your High School Transcript to the Admissions office and schedule an Appointment to see a Counselor to discuss a pre-requisite challenge.


Pre-Requisite Challenge




For additional information concerning Assessment services, please call (310) 287-4462.