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Student Success & Support Program




1. Application: Complete the WLAC application online or in person at the Admissions Office, SSB 2nd Floor.


 2. Assessment: Take the math, English or ESL assessment tests if you are new to WLAC or have not previously attended another community college or university. If you have attended another college, meet with a counselor to have your assessment results evaluated.  Assessment appointments can be made online.





Students are strongly advised to prepare for Assessment testing through the “Placement Test Prep” at the HLRC before attempting the Assessment test. Assessment test preparation can be done in the HLRC by working through part or the entire “Assessment Test Preparation Course” and by visiting the following Compass Test Prep Sites.


Compass Test Preview Site 1

Compass Test Preview Site 2


3. Orientation: Complete the online orientation or complete it before or after you take the assessment tests in person.


4. Counseling: Schedule an appointment online or call (310) 287-7242.  Weekend College has an online advisor, but it's also important to see a counselor to develop your educational plan.


5. Registration:  Register online by following the steps below.


6. Follow-up: Follow-up with a counselor to update your student educational plan to make sure you're on track to graduate and transfer.


Matriculation Chart