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Please give your attention to the following steps as they are critical to your educational success!



To be admitted to the College you must complete a WLAC Application that can be done online or in the Admissions Office. Once you have completed your application you will be issued a Student Identification number that begins with “88”. This number will allow you access many of the college programs and services as well as community and public services. The Office of Admissions and Records is important to you in that it is the place where your academic records are kept. Some of the critical functions of the Admissions and Records Office are:


  • Adding and Dropping a class ( see the schedule of classes for dates to add and drop with and without penalty


  • Withdrawal policy: Students will not be allowed to register for any course within the LACCD if there are 3 recorded attempts for that course in any combination of “W,” “D”, “F”, “I”, “NC”, “NP”, grades


Explanation: Powerpoint  |  MSWord



ORIENTATION (Part of the West Expressway Program)

It is critical to have a complete understanding about the College Academic Programs and Services to be successful as a student. You will save time, money and grief if you are familiar with where to go, who to see, and what is available to you as a student. The College Orientation can be done online you must answer all 11 (eleven) questions and it must be completed prior to receiving Assessment Results. Visit Expressway to gain access to Orientation.


ASSESSMENT (Part of the West Expressway Program)

All College courses are rigorous and will require that you have competency in English and Math to be successful. Therefore, to make certain you are successful in your college courses an Assessment Test is given to every student in English or ESL and Math. You are strongly advised to review Math and English or ESL subject topics through the test prep link and before taking the Assessment test. The results of this Assessment equate to time and money so be serious and intentional.  

The Assessment results will provide critical “Placement Recommendations” for you and for your Counselor. You will be “placed” in a specific Math and English or ESL course. You may or may not place into Pre-requisite Math or English or ESL courses. Pre-requisite courses are courses you have to take before you can enroll in the course you plan to take for your general education or for your major. You are advised to take these courses right away as they are designed to support your rapid and successful progression toward your educational goal whether it is to transfer to a university, or obtain your AA degree.



COUNSELING (Part of the West Expressway Program)

While you should visit an academic counselor throughout your college career, your initial consultation should be coordinated through West Expressway. To reach your educational goal whether it is to obtain a Certificate, an AA degree or to transfer you will need a map or Student Educational Plan that lists all of the required courses to get you to your goal. A qualified WLAC Counselor is here to do this mapping with you using a software program called Degree Works . Your Counselor will help you schedule your classes as well as provide you with referrals for other services that may be of benefit to you as a student. You are strongly advised to see a Counselor once a semester so make your appointment right away!



You are ready to go online or to the Admissions office to enroll in your classes after you have:

  • Completed the WLAC Application and you received a Student Identification “88” Number
  • Completed the College Orientation
  • Completed Assessment testing
  • Seen a Counselor for Academic Student Educational Planning
  • Planned your semester courses



Setting up your Financial Aid well in advance of the semester will allow you to begin the semester with the financial support you will need to rent or buy books and supplies, a bus pass or gas, and other items that are necessary to success in your college courses. Also remember that “failure is not an option” every semester you must maintain a 2.0 grade point average to be eligible for Financial Aid.  You will also need a Student Educational Plan from a Counselor every semester, so be certain to schedule you Counseling Appointment early.  You must submit a FAFSA (Financial Aid Federal Student Application) every academic year. Remember the following dates for Financial Aid

  • January 2 Apply for financial aid the coming Fall
  • March 2    Deadline for Cal Grant Application




All student Fees are paid in the Business Office. Pay your fees early in the semester. Financial Aid can help with covering the cost of your student fees so be sure to check with the Financial Aid office. If you do not pay your fees, you will not be able to enroll in courses the next semester and you will not be able to access official transcripts to be sent to other educational institutions as needed when you are ready to transfer.



Books are available for rental or purchase. Go online or to the Bookstore to secure your books early for your classes. Planning in advance is essential.



The HLRC offers:  

Learning Skills Courses (LSK) courses - computer assisted instruction courses as well as laboratories that are designed to assist you in building the essential skills to rapidly progress in all college courses.   

Tutorial Assistance: Tutorial Assistance is your insurance for success in your classes. Do not wait to fall behind in your classes before seeing a tutor.



There are other services free of charge that are available and may be helpful to you as a student. Be sure to go online and review each Program or service to see if it will assist you in some way!

Health Center 

HLRC & Library

Transfer Center





Student Help Information System