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How do I prepare for the Assessment Test?

Students are strongly advised to prepare for Assessment testing through the “Placement Test Prep” at the Learning Center in the West Library (HLRC) before attempting the Assessment test. Assessment test preparation can be done in the HLRC by working through part or the entire “Assessment Test Preparation Course” and by visiting the following Compass Test Prep Sites.        


Compass Test Preview Site 1

Compass Test Preview Site 2


The following links may be helpful to students going through the Assessment Process: 

Compass Test Practice

The ENCOMPASS website



English Links:

Reading: HLRC (ENGLISH LAB) and English Dept

Writing:  English Dept

Grammar: HLRC (ENGLISH LAB) and English Dept


Math Link:

Math Dept


English as a Second Language (ESL) Link:

ESL Program


For additional information concerning Assessment services, please call (310) 287-4462.