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The Assessment Center offers placement and diagnostic testing through Compass/ESL. Testing is done in Mathematics, English reading, writing, and grammar, and English as a Second Language, or (ESL) otherwise known as Language Acquisition. The Assessment Center offers a variety of Assessment Services to Students to include:

  • Career Asssessment
  • “Ability to Benefit” Financial Aid eligibility testing.
  • Accomodations For Students With Special Needs
  • California Career CAFE
  • Self awareness activities
  • A career bank with thousands of careers
  • A focus on abilities, interest, experiences and work related values
  • Activities to assist students to select an academic major that will lead to the career of their choice


Accommodations for students with Special Needs

Special accommodations are made for students with special needs. COMPASS/ESL is a comprehensive computer adaptive testing system that helps maximize the information the college needs to ensure your success as a student!

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