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HLRC (Library)

1st Floor
M T W & Th 8:00am - 6:00pm

F   Closed
S   Closed

Closed Sun & Holidays




Writing Lab


Free advice is available to students writing papers for a variety of West Los Angeles classes, such as English, health, psychology, and art appreciation. We also help students with writing essays for scholarship and transfer applications. The lab does not proofread or edit papers, but it does provide guidance on organization and development of a paper as well as general overview of grammar. The Writing Lab, staffed by Susan Fong and a coterie of writing tutors, is located on the first floor of the Heldman Learning Resource Center.



Plan ahead to avoid a last-minute visit before the assignment is due. Bring either an assignment sheet from the instructor or instructions from your textbook. Bring a rough draft: notes, outline, introduction, and/or first draft. Proofread or edit your own errors.



Each visit or writing conference is for 20 minutes and is limited to WLAC class assignments. Each writing assignment is limited to three (3) writing conferences with a tutor. One (1) is for prewriting, and two (2) are for revisions. Prewriting includes organization and developing details. Revisions include re-organization, general review of sentence structure, and discussion of essay development. Only one (1) writing assignment is allowed per conference with one (1) visit per day. You may have a 20-minute grammar conference of one (1) specific grammar area at a time, such as sentence fragments, prepositional phrases, or commas.

Student identification numbers will be checked to verify enrollment in WLAC classes and WLAC assignments. Please be prepared to provide either an identification number or a WLAC student printout.


The Campus Writing Lab


Monday          8:00 am to 6:00 pm    1st Floor

Tuesday          8:00 am to 6:00 pm    1st Floor

Wednesday          8:00 am to 6:00 pm    1st Floor

Thursday         8:00 am to 6:00 pm    1st Floor

Friday                Closed   1st Floor

Saturday                Closed   1st Floor

Closed Sunday and Holidays



On-campus services will be closed on Sunday, but online tutorial help in writing will be available. Tutors wil be checking the Online Writing Lab Web site to help WLAC students who have enrolled in Learning Assistance, Supervised, class number 14866, and would like help with WLAC writing assignments by way of the Internet.

Follow this link for more information about how to enroll in the free WLAC Online Writing Lab (class number 14866), or send us an email if there are any questions.

If students need help at times besides this schedule, please enroll in class number 14866 for online tutoring. It will take one to two business days before they can access online help.



Part-time tutoring jobs are available on flexible schedules to work with your academic schedule. Tutor Qualifications:

  • enrollment in 12 undergraduate units or 6 graduate units of college classes
  • submitted application
  • passing grade in a written grammar test and oral interview
  • submitted transcript indicating completion of English 101 or equivalent with a “B” or an “A”
  • written recommendation from a teacher for tutoring position

Click here for application for tutoring job



Please call (310) 287-4420 to make an appointment for employment testing and an interview.