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Learning Skills Classes


Learning Skills Language Arts and Mathematics provide courses to support and foster student success through self-paced computer assisted instruction with the oversight of the instructor.   Successful students have used Learning Skills as a supplement to their English, ESL & Math classes, as a refresher for self improvement if they have been away from school for a period of time, or as a requirement for job related skills training.  Courses are available in Grammar Review, Vocabulary, Spelling, ESL, Reading Comprehension, Essay Writing, Speed Reading, Math Fundamentals and Algebra, Political Science, and Chemistry.


All Learning Skills courses are taught online TBA (To Be Arranged) so you can access the course anywhere you can get Internet access (24/7) and complete the course requirements. These classes are NDA (non degree applicable). Some classes are graded as CR/NC (credit/no credit). Other classes are taught as zero unit courses. By consulting with one of the instructors, a course of study can be tailored for your own individual needs!


Classes (All classes are taught ONLINE)

Learning Through Computer Assisted Instruction

Learning Skills 2A—Sentence Parts & Patterns

1 Unit   3:40 hours/week

Learning Skills 2B—Verbs & Modifiers

1 Unit   3:40 hours/week

Learning Skills 3C—Vocabulary Development

1 Unit   1:20 hours/week

Learning Skills 5 - ESL Fundamentals

1 Unit   2:15 hours/week

Learning Skills 30—Reading

1 Unit   3:20 hours/week

Learning Skills 50—Speed Reading/Essay Writing

.5 Unit   1:30 hours/week

Learning Skills 10A—Math Fundamentals A

(LSK 10A is designed to prepare students for Math 105 & 112)

1 Unit  1:05 hours/week

Learning Skills 10B—Math Fundamentals B

(LSK 10B is designed for Math 115, 117 & 118)

1 Unit   2:10 hours/week

Learning Skills 15A—Overcoming Math Anxiety


1 Unit   3:40 hours/week