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Foreign Language lab

Students enrolled in Spanish and French are required to enroll in a lab course.  The lab course meets in the Foreign Language Lab. Students get valuable exposure to the language by the use of textbook-based computer tutorials that provide video, audio, and written exercises. Students may also view selected videos in these languages for additional practice.  If you are taking Spanish as an online course, your lab course is also taken online.  Workstations are available in the lab for online use.


If you are taking:

Lab Course

Spanish 1, 2, 3, and 4

Spanish 101 - 1 unit

Spanish 21

Spanish 101a - .5 unit

Spanish 22

Spanish 101b - .5 unit

French 1 and 2

French 101 - 1 unit


Your grade for the lab course is determined by lab attendance.  1 unit courses require 32 hours of lab attendance and ½ unit courses require 16 hours of attendance.  These courses are graded as credit (CR) or no credit (NC).  Be sure to get a current login number each semester so your attendance can be recorded.  Note: See Online lab course syllabus for course requirements.

Spanish and French Textbook Materials

Student copies of the textbook and lab manuals are available for use in the lab only with offering of a current picture I.D. card. Note that the online course materials are found on the course website.

The course textbooks are:

Vistas 4th Edition for Spanish 1, 2, 21, 22

Imagina for Spanish 3 and 4

Promenades for French 1 and 2

Imaginez for French 3 and 4


Spanish and French Tutoring

Free Spanish and French student tutoring is available in the Learning Resource Center located on the 1st floor of the HLRC.  Click here to see the schedule.


The Language Lab is located on the 1st floor of the HLRC.


If you have any questions or concerns about fulfilling your lab course requirements you may reach your lab instructor or classroom instructor by email:

Abe, Machi  Japanese Instructor |

Brenish, Shana  Japanese Instructor |

Culton, Josefina  Spanish Instructor |

Gonzalez, Antonio  Spanish Instructor |

He, Yi-Chen  Chinese Instructor |

Jacinto, Norma   Spanish Lab Instructor |

Kim, Yungsook  Spanish online Instructor |

Kokovena, E.  French Instructor and French Lab

Lim, Andy  American Sign Language instructor |

Michels, Margot  French Instructor |

Mizuki, April  Spanish Instructor and Spanish Instructor|

Porras-Collantes, Ernesto  Spanish Instructor |

Redoles, Marcela  Spanish online Instructor |

Zaragoza, Javier   Spanish Instructor |



Instructional Assistants are staff available to assist you with your lab login information, lab equipment and materials. You may contact the lab staff by phone at:

Diane Matsuno  | (310) 287-4283

Ted Pointer  | (310) 287-4205

Foreign Language Lab Guide

Click here or on the image above to

view the Foreign Language Lab Guide