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HIgh school enrollment

Enrollment Process (K-12 students) 

Please complete the "MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL" Application, which includes:

  • Application for Admission: must be signed by student.
  • Supplemental Application: must be signed by the student, parent/guardian, and K-12 official (e.g. high school counselor).

Both forms should be submitted to Admissions & Records (Student Services Building, 2nd Floor) along with a photo ID.  An Admissions representative will then provide students with an LACCD ID # and instructions on how to register using our online system. 

Enrollment Policies (K-12 students) 

West waives tuition for California residents enrolled in high school (maximum of 11 units per semester; 7 units during winter/summer intersessions). Students are, however, responsible for the cost of textbooks or materials. No financial aid is available to high school students.  


Please be advised that:

1. Parent/guardians may not conduct transactions on behalf of the student. 


2. All classes are college-level classes; not "high school-level". 


3. All class recommendations should be made by the high school counselor or administrator. Only they can definitively state how/if West's classes are placed on the high school transcript.


Summer Writing Lab         Summer Tutoring 

What to do if the class is full? 

Students are encouraged to attempt enrollment online. If the class is full:


Adding an Online Class: Visit (click SCHEDULES), obtain the instructor's email address, then send the professor an email (include your full name, LACCD ID #, course information, and the section number). 


Adding an On-campus Class: Visit the class on the 1st day of class (arrive early and find a seat in class). 



West does not currently offer a high school diploma program, CAHSEE boot camp, or GED program. We encourage students to inquire about these options at their current high school or local adult school. Please download our ADULT SCHOOL DIRECTORY for contact information. 



Current and prospective AB540 students (e.g. undocumented students) are encouraged to complete the online CALIFORNIA DREAM ACT application. Qualifying students may benefit from scholarships, CAL Grant, and Board of Governor's Grant (fee waiver). 


You may also download the LACCD California Dream Act F.A.Q. (English / Spanish) for additional information. 




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