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Even in the best economic times, community colleges like West Los Angeles College suffer from underfunding. This is all the more challenging as a large portion of our students come to us with great financial need. While a fee waiver may cover tuition, each book can cost from $50 - $150! Your donations to West scholarship funds that reward and encourage students based on need, merit, area or study, leadership or some combination can be critical to the success of our scholars.

By pledging to general support of the campus, you can impact the greater student body. Such funds are used to fill in the gaps where other funding falls short including campus maintenance, tutoring, and extended service support.

Other opportunities to impact a greater group of students include our growing Book Rental program, and support of individual departments. The Book Rental program, offered through select departments, allows students to borrow a text book for the semester for just a few dollars then return it to the department for use by the next student.  

All donations are made to the West Los Angeles College Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible. Fund distributions are overseen by the WLAC Board of Directors.


By Check.....................Please mail to West Los Angeles College Foundation  |  9000 Overland Avenue - Mail Box #447  |  Culver City, CA 90230

By Credit Card............Please contact the WLAC Foundation Development Office at (310) 287-4491



The College and its Foundation appreciate your donation, large or small. As you demonstrate your confidence in us through your contribution, we pledge to make sure that each dollar contributes to the continued success of our students and the campus.

Many thanks to you!


- Last Updated: 2/26/14