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Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer

What is the best way to contact DSPS?

Please email all questions to

How can students schedule appointments with faculty in DSPS?

Students may schedule appointments by emailing us at

How may a student apply to DSPS?

  1. Students must complete the DSPS application
  2. Students need to have verification of their disability
  3. Students must email to request an intake appointment and attach both the DSPS application and verification of disability

If a student needs extra help navigating through Canvas, who can I refer them to?

You may refer the student to one of the DSPS staff or tutors.

Students can also check WLAC Online Learning Page

Who may I contact regarding a specific question on a student’s accommodations?

You may contact DSPS at

Do I need to comply to a student’s DSPS accommodation?

Yes. Please refer to the following:

  • Rehabilitation Act 1973, Section 504 and 508
  • Americans with Disability Act
  • Assembly Bill 77(Lanterman) 1976
  • Title 5, California Code of Regulations sections 6500-56076
How will I receive the accommodation authorization
for a student?

Notification of student accommodations will be sent directly to faculty via district email (

Accommodations will also reflect on the class roster on SIS. This is the only format for receival.

How do I accommodate a student who is asking for notetaking assistance?

Contact DSPS to discuss your online teaching format.

Who do I contact if a student is requesting accommodations, but I do not have their accommodation authorization form?

The student can contact DSPS. Faculty can email regarding guidance on this general situation, however, DSPS may not disclose information regarding if a specific student is active in DSPS.

Am I required to give extra time on assignments (not just exams/quizzes) to DSPS students who request it?

Only if it is stated on their accommodation form.

Does DSPS conduct testing for learning disabilities?

Yes, however testing is currently on hold during COVID19 restrictions. Testing will resume when the campus reopens. Students may email Dr. Bowen: to place their names on the list for testing.

Is DSPS offering online tutoring?

Yes, students may schedule tutoring appointments by emailing one of the tutors.

Proctoring Exams

If accommodation states extra time on quizzes/exams, instructors are able to extend time in Canvas. For further questions, contact DSPS at

How do I extend time on Canvas for exams and quizzes?

How to extend quiz/exam time on Canvas (video)

1. Go to the Quizzes

2. Click on the quiz that needs modification

3. Go to Moderate This Quiz(on the right in blue)

Step 3

4. Scroll down to the student that needs extra time

5. To the right of the student click on the pencil

6. Add the extra time

Step 6

7. Save

How do I give a student another attempt on a quiz?

Canvas-Add an Extra Attempt for Quizzes

  • Click on Quizzes

Click on quizes

  • Click on the quiz.

Click on quiz

  • To add an extra attempt for an individual student, click the Options icon [1], then select the Show Student Quiz Resultslink [2].


options icon location

  • Select the student

Student name

  • Click the Allow this student an extra attempt button

Location of "allow extra time"

How do I check if Canvas assignments are accessible?

Canvas pages has an immersive reader faculty can use to check if what is posted is accessible and flows accordingly.

WLAC DE Accessibility Page

How to Create an Accessible Page in Canvas (video)

immersive reader

Note: Canvas Quizzes does not offer Canvas immersive reader.


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