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West holds a variety of events well suited to sponsorship including those listed below. Event sponsors receive some or all of the following recognition, depending on the event and size of the donation: Event Publication Ad; Ad on West Web Site - For Students Page;  Event Booth;  Event Signage;  Distribution of Donor's Materials.

For more information, contact the Office of Public Relations/Adversting (310) 287-4597 


Welcome Week: Sept & Feb

The campus is at its most full of students, faculty and staff during the first week of classes each semester. To help students find their way, connect with programs and services, and to create a festive atmosphere, the Associate Student Organization hosts Welcome Week. The event features information booths, free refreshments, and distribution of the Welcome Week magazine and other informative materials. 

Transfer Day: September

Transfer Day is held early in the Fall semester. University represenatives provide information to students interested in transfering in a fair-like atmosphere.

Career Fair: Varies

Always popular, career fairs are held periodically on campus. Often these fairs are open to the public at large.

Day at West: April and/or May

This event brings several hundred high school students to West over several days for an informational tour of the campus.

Celebration of Excellence: May

As the name implies, the campus pauses just before graduation to acknowledge outstanding work by both West employees and scholars. Faculty and staff break bread together, award outstanding performers and say good-bye to those retiring. Later, a ceremony is held to acknowledge scholarship recipients and their families.

Graduation: June

Stands filled with excited families and friends cheer on a field of graduates.


Display ad venues include large 2' x 5' displays in high traffic areas around campus and adjacent to the campus map/directory; our main parking structure, and Wildcat windscreens and scoreboards. Directory sign displays are $500 per 30-day period + the cost of the poster. West can produce the poster and assist with graphics if needed. Advertisers may handle their graphics and printing independently.

For rate information on other display ad spaces, contact the Office of Public Relations/Advertising at (310) 287-4597.

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