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Associate of Arts or Science Degree & Certificate of Achievement in Web Support and Database Administration

The Associate of Arts degree (AA) follows Plan A with 30 units of major and 30 units of GE; the Associate of Science degree (AS) follows Plan B with 30 units of major, 18 units of GE and 12 units of any CSIT courses.

TOP Code 0709.00  

Total : 31 units

Certificate of Achievement: same requirement as for Associate degree. No general education requirements


Required Courses: (19 units from the following)

CS933 Database Design (Microsoft Access)

CS938 Web Application Programming using VB.net

CS953 Database Management Using Oracle

CS957 Introduction to Web Page Development

CS962 Web Programming Using JavaScript

CS963 Web Application Using ASP.net


Elective Courses: (12 units from the following)


CS937 E-Commerce Essentials

CS952 Web Page Development Using Macromedia Flash

CS958 Web Development using HTML

CS967 Linux.Apache.MySQL.Virtual and Cloud Computing

CS980 Introduction to Computer and Information Security I

CS982 Introduction to Microsoft Server Operating System

CS987 Information Storage Management/Virtual Server

CS988 Microsoft SQL Server

CS989 Microsoft Exchange Server

CS990 Object Oriented Programming in Java



Recommended Course Sequence

Semester one: CS933, CS938, CS937 (or CS952)

Semester two: CS957, CS953, CS958, CS963, CS967 (or CS980) Semester three:CS962,CS982 or (CS987, CS988, CS989, CS990)


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