CSIT: Computer network

Certificate of Achievement in 
Computer Network & Information System Security

The curriculum is intended to help students develop skills to design, administer, and manage the heterogeneous  corporate network and information system with security emphasis.  The courses examine and illustrate network security with industry leading network operating systems.  Individual courses will assist students in preparing for related industry certification exams

major code: 0708.01


Required Courses: (9 units from the following)

CS965 Introduction to Computer Networks

CS980 Introduction to Computer and Information Security I

CS985 Network and Information Security


Elective Courses: (7 units from the following)

CS913 Apple Care Administrator

CS967 Linux, Apache, MySQL, Virtual and Cloud Computing

CS981 Administering Computer Network and Security

CS982  Introduction to Microsoft Server Operating System 

CS983 Microsoft Networking Infrastructure Administration

CS984 Introduction To Windows Active Directory Services

CS987 Information Storage Management Virtual Server

CS988 Microsoft SQL Server

CS989 Microsoft Exchange Server

CS992 Computer A+ Hardware Lab


CompTIA A+  CS934, CS992

Network+     CS965

Security+     CS980, CS985

Linux+         CS935

Microsoft Network   982, 983, 984, 988, 989

CISCO Network        CS972, CS974

VMware        CS987


Recommended Course Sequence

Semester 1: CS965,980 and elective (CS992)

Semester 2: CS985 and elective (CS982,983,984,967,987,988,989)

Notes: CS980 and CS985 have to be taken in sequence, CS985 is offered in Fall only.


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