CSIT: Computer network

Associate of Arts or Science Degree
Computer Network & Security Management

The Associate of Arts degree (AA) follows Plan A with 30 units of major and 30 units of GE.  The Associate Degree of Science (AS) follows Plan B with 30 units of major, 18 units of GE and 12 units of any CSIT courses


Certificate of Achievement: same requirement as for Asssociate degree. No general education requirements

Total 30 units - 21 required and 9 electives -
major code: 0708


Required Courses: (21 units from the following)

CS934 Operating Systems (or CS935)

CS965 Introduction to Computer Networks

CS972 Introduction Cisco Network Fundamentals

CS974 Introduction to Cisco Routers

CS980 Computer and Information Security I

CS982 Microsoft Server Operating System

CS985 Network and Information Security II


Elective Courses: (9 units from the following)

CS913 Apple Care Administration

CS967 Linux, Apache, MySQL, Virtual and Cloud Computing

CS981 Administering Computer Network and Security

CS983 Microsoft Network Infrastructure Administration

CS984 Introduction To Windows Active Directory Services

CS987 Information Storage Management/Virtual Server 

CS988 Microsoft SQL Server 

CS989 Microsoft Exchange Server


CompTIA A+ CS934, CS992     

Network+    CS965      

Security+    CS980, CS985  

Linux+        CS935   

Microsoft Network 982, 983, 984, 988, 989

CISCO Network       CS972, CS974

WMWare     CS987


Recommended Course Sequence

Semester one: CS934 (or CS935), CS965, CS992

Semester two: CS972, CS980, CS982,CS913

Semester three: CS974, CS983, CS984, CS985, CS987

Semester four: CS988, CS989,CS967,CS991


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