Computer office technology

Associate of Arts Degree
Word Processing Option

Formerly Office Administration

This curriculum prepares students for office administration with emphasis on computer business application such as advanced word processing, electronic spreadsheet for business analysis, presentation graphics and computerized accounting

The Associate Degree of Arts (AA) follows Plan B with 39 units of major, 18 units of GE and 8 units of any CSIT/CAOT courses

Major code: 0514.01


Required Courses: (39 units from the following)

  • ACCTG 21 Bookeeping & Accounting
  • ACCTG 25 Automated Accounting Methods & Procedures
  • BUS 1 Introduction to business
  • BUS 31 Business English
  • BUS 32 Business Communications
  • BUS 38 Business Computations
  • CAOT 39 Word Processing: Keyboarding and Operations
  • CAOT 84 Microcomputer Office Applications: Word Processing
  • CO SCI 901 Introduction to Computers & Their Use
  • CO SCI 930 Microsoft Advanced Business Application
  • CO SCI 934 Operating Systems


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Elective Courses: (8 units of any CAOT and/or CO SCI courses)




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