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The College Council is a recommending body to the President of the College on college-wide policy and issues.  MOU #CC906-1, September 26, 2006.


A.  As a condition for participation on the College Council, each group participating as a constituent group member shall make the following commitments:

  1. Each constituent group, insofar as it participates in the College Council shall commit to promote the development of policy which is in the best interests of students and college;
  2. Each constituent group shall commit to first attempt to use the College Council for pursuing recommended policy changes or recommended policy that can be dealt with in the Council;
  3. Each constituent group shall commit to strive to accept and accommodate the consensus reached in the College Council, although each group will retain its ultimate right to excuse itself from the Council on a particular issue or the ultimate right to take an issue to a different arena;
  4. Each constituent group shall agree to attend the College Council meetings, complete any work it agrees to undertake in an expedient manner, and communicate with and involve the constituency it represents; and

B.  All constituent groups shall agree that they will work to achieve consensus.

C.  If the constituent group members cannot achieve consensus on an issue before the College Council, then the Chair of the Council will call for a vote that shall be incorporated into the written minutes of the Council.

D.  College Council meetings shall be open and public, and agenda materials, minutes and other documents discussed by the Council will be made available for public perusal. 

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