To meet the aerospace industry's demand for well-trained, certificated aircraft mechanics, the college offers an Aviation Maintenance Technician Associate Degree, an Airframe Maintenance Technician Certificate, and an Aircraft Power plant Technician Certificate. Upon qualifying by written, oral, and practical examination, students are issued Federal Aviation Administration licenses.

Note: Aviation Maintenance Technician Classes 1-24 must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Note: The Aircraft Maintenance Program is a continuing program with classes starting every 9 weeks with a full-time year round schedules.

Credit for FAA Licenses

A student can be awarded 30 units of credit toward the AS degree if he or she has a FAA Airframe license.

Similarly, a student can be allowed 30 units of a credit toward the AS degree if he or she has a FAA Power plant license.

If a student has both licenses, a total of 60 units can be allowed toward the AS degree. To be awarded an AS degree, the student also must complete all general education requirements.


The West Los Angeles College Travel Department has been providing people just like you with travel industry education for over thirty years. Ours is one of the nation's largest and best-known travel school programs. It's estimated that a quarter of all greater Los Angeles travel professionals -- including many travel agents, airline personnel and even industry leaders -- have taken classes at our school. Some have gone on to rewarding careers in other parts of the country, too, and beyond that: About 20% of our students come from other nations.

Take one of our classes and, at the very least, you'll learn more about travel than you ever imagined. At the very most, you may be taking the next step to changing your life.

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Location: ATA - ATB Building
Hours:      Monday-Friday

Vice Chairperson ( Aviation ) - Harvey Klein
Vice Chairperson ( Travel ) - Marc Mancini

Aircraft Electronics Technology
Aviation Maintenance Technician

Leland Babbitt
Harvey Klein
Marc Mancini, Ph.D.
Martin Nee
Michael O'Callaghan
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