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Accelerated Transfer Program


ACT is designed for serious, motivated students interested in transfering to a university well prepared and in an efficient manner. With appropriate counseling, it is possible to complete all university transfer requirements in under 2 years.


8 Week Sessions

Online + 2 Nights   ~OR~  Online + Sat or Sun

Classes are offered in 8-week blocks rather than the traditional 14 to 16 weeks. This allows students to complete 6 units (2 classes) or more each session.


Students attend classes either 2 weeknights or on Saturday or Sunday and complete additional work online. Students may combine ACT classes with regular WLAC in-class or online courses.


Pathway Options

General Transfer | Business | Educator





You are eligible to enroll if you are 18 years or older or are a high school graduate.


Submit Your Application

Apply online: Online Application



Attend An ACT Orientation

Orientations are scheduled two to three weeks prior to the Summer, Fall and Spring semesters. These 2-hour orientations outline the ACT program structure. Financial aid and other helpful college services and resources are also discussed. For more information and location, contact the ACT Office (310) 287-4394.


Take The College Assessment Test

You cannot fail this test. It simply helps counselors place you in the right level courses based on you English and Mathematics skills. Prior to beginning the program, students musthave the appropriateEnglish test score or complete English prerequisite(s). To make an assessment appointment.


See A Counselor

Make an appointment online

or at the computer stations in the Counseling area, Building A-13.


View Classes

Link to searchable class schedule - Click the "Accelerated College Transfer Classes Only" box to view which ACT classes are offered in the current and coming semester.