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Accreditation: Evidence, Standard I

Standard I.A. Documentation:

I.A-1 West Los Angeles College Catalog 2004-2006

I.A-2 West Los Angeles Community College vs. Two Major Competitors Final Report October 2005

I.A-3 West Los Angeles College Integrated Master Plan, vol. 2

I.A-4 West's Student Learning Outcomes Story

I.A-5 LACCD Board Action, March 8, 2000.

I.A-6 Leadership Retreat Reports

I.A-7 Unit Plan Guide 2004-2005 for 2005-2006

I.A-8 West Los Angeles College Council

Standard I.B. Documentation:

I.B-1 West Los Angeles College 2005 Self Study Questionnaire, Preliminary Results

I.B-2 West's Student Learning Outcomes Story

I.B-3 Probation Dept. and Sheriff's Dept. information

I.B-4 Divisional Council Minutes

I.B-5 Generation 1.5 Workshop handouts

I.B-6 Comprehensive Program Review Evaluation Committee reports

I.B-7 Minutes of the Faculty Position Identification and Prioritization Committee

I.B-8 Minutes of the Work Environment Committee

I.B-9 Minutes of the College Planning Committee

I.B-10 Minutes of the Academic Senate

I.B-11 Minutes of the College Council

I.B-12 Minutes of the AFT Chapter meetings

I.B-13 West Los Angeles College Council

I.B-14 Think Tank Session #1 November 17, 2005 Report

I.B-15 Student Accountability and Record System (SARS)

I.B-16 Unit Plans September 2005 (Humanities, Distance Education)

I.B-17 Program Review instrument draft changes

I.B-18 West Los Angeles College Integrated Master Plan

I.B-19 West Los Angeles College Office of Institutional Effectiveness website

I.B-20 Unit Plan Guide 2004-2005 for 2005-2006

I.B-21 FPIP Process for Prioritizing Faculty Positions

I.B-22 Priority Lists from Joint College Planning Committee and Budget Committee Meetings

I.B-23 Letter of Intent for New Initiatives

I.B-24 Geriatric Care Technician Proposal

I.B-25 Matriculation newsletter

I.B-26 Workforce Development newsletter

I.B-27 Learning Resources Center newsletter

I.B-28 Paralegal Program report

I.B-29 Title III Final Performance Report - USDE (ED 534B)

I.B-30 Title V Report - 2005 Interim Title V Report for Current Grant - Emphasis on Linked Basic Skills Math, English, CAI and Personal Development

I.B-31 EOP&S (Care) Status Report

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