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Accreditation: Evidence, Standard II

II.A-1 WLAC Enrollment Trends and Student Characteristics

II.A-2 SLO Outcomes Workshop -- List of faculty who attended July 14-15, 2005 and October 27-28, 2005. Together with Institutional SLOs and Sample Program Outcomes.

II.A-3 Accredited/Approved Programs

II.A-4 Advisory -Dental Hygiene Advisory Committee Members

II.A-5 Advisory -Dental Hygiene Committee-Definitions, Purposes, Functions

II.A-6 Advisory -Paralegal Advisory Board - Bylaws

II.A-7 Advisory -Child Development Advisory Committee

II.A-8 LACCD 2005 Student Survey

II.A-9 Working Backwards: Shepherding Students From Basic Skills to Transfer. May 19 and 26, 2005 English Outcomes Workshop

II.A-10 Minutes of Basic Skills Committee -September 2004-May 2005 Minutes

II.A-11 Recommendations for Title V Grant Proposal (Hunter Boylan)

II.A-12 Title V Report --2005 --Interim Title V Report for current grant - “Your Ticket to Success” -- emphasis on linked basic skills Math, English, CAI and Personal Development

II.A-13 WLAC Office of Institutional Effectiveness website

II.A-14 West Los Angeles College Schedule of Classes

II.A-15 English 239 - Complete Course Outline with Distance Delivery Strategies.

II.A-16 Combined Course Outline - Template from the LACCD

II.A-17 Sample English, Math, and Biology Outlines with pre-requisites

II.A-18 WLAC Institutional Research Six Year Trend Study - Pass Rates for Math and English-Spring 2000-2005

II.A-19 Title III. Final Grant Performance Report - USDE (ED 524B)

II.A-20 Title III. Year Five Faculty Assignments - a list of Instructional Development Grants to revise curriculum and lesson plans

II.A-21 Recommended Elements in a Syllabus - 2005 Flex Day Workshop Handout

II.A-22 Staff Development webpage sample: “WLAC Best Teaching Practices: A Faculty Guide” and “What are learning outcomes?”

II.A-23 Unit Plan Guide 2004-2005 for 2005-2006

II.A-24 Program Review and Unit Plan for Dental Hygiene - includes Outcomes Assessment

II.A-25 Comprehensive Program Reviews for English

II.A-26 Comprehensive Program Reviews for Math

II.A-27 Email from Science Chair

II.A-28 West Los Angeles College Catalog 2004-2006

II.A-29 Spring 2005 Student Survey

II.A-30 Curriculum Committee Minutes -September 2004- May 05 (Includes charts of courses to be updated by year)

II.A-31 West Los Angeles College Awards, Degrees and Certificates

II.A-32 Faculty Professional Standards

II.A-33 Student Discipline Incidents - Tally from VP of Student Services

II.A-34 “New Faculty Orientation from A to Z” --October 2001 Orientation for Faculty

II.A-35 Instructional Program Viability Review Policy

Standard II.B. Documentation:

II.B-1 Admissions and Records Folder

II.B-2 Assessment and Matriculation Folder

  • Matriculation Folder
  • Student Accountability and Record System (SARS)
    • SARS Grid
    • SARS Call
    • SARS Trak
  • “Pilot” Assessment Services
  • ACT Compass

II.B-3 Counseling Folder

  • Comprehensive Program Review for Student Services & Administrative
  • Services Program: Counseling

II.B-4 Disabled Students Program and Services Folder

II.B-5 International Students Services Folder

II.B-6 Accelerated College Transfer Folder

II.B-7 Extended Opportunity Programs and Services Folder

II.B-8 Veterans Folder

II.B-9 Transfer Center Folder

  • Student Ambassador Program

II.B-10 Transfer Honors Program Folder

II.B-11 Child Development Center Folder

  • a. California Community College Childcare Tax Bailout
  • b. WLAC Student-Parent Survey for the Child Development Center

II.B-12 Associated Students Organization Folder

II.B-13 West Los Angeles College and WLAC Foundation Scholarship and Awards

  • Application Booklet

II.B-14 Athletics Folder

II.B-15 Financial Aid Folder

II.B-16 Health Center Folder

  • Student Health Center Survey/Fall 2005

II.B-17 West Los Angeles College Program Review/Unit Plan - Student Services

II.B-18 Student Services Units' Student Learning Outcomes

II.B-19 Student Services Division Student Learning Outcomes

II.B-20 West Los Angeles Community College vs. Two Major Competitors Final Report October 2005

II.B-21 Spring 2005 Student Survey Results

II.B-22 West Los Angeles College Student Services Center Building Plans

II.B-23 TRiO Grants/Summaries

  • Upward Bound
  • Talent Search
  • Student Support Services*

II.B-24 West Los Angeles College Catalog 2004-2006

II.B-25 West Los Angeles College Schedule of Classes (Fall 05)

II.B-26 West Los Angeles College website

II.B-27 Los Angeles Community College District website

II.B-28 District Academic Integrity Taskforce

II.B-29 LACCD Board Rules 9803 Standards of Student Conduct (Campus Life / Conduct on Campus)

II.B-30 Student Services Council / Agendas and Minutes

II.B-31 West's Student Learning Outcomes Story

II.B-32 President's Bulletins

II.B-33 Agreement between the Los Angeles Community College District and the Los Angeles College Faculty Guild Local 1521, CFT/AFT, AFL-CIO

II.B-34 West Los Angeles College Student Equity Plan 9/05

II.B-35 California Community College Assessment Standards Document 3/01

II.B-36 Matriculation Advisory Committee / Agendas and Minutes

II.B-37 Matriculation Assessment Sub-Committee / Agendas and Assessment Placement Maintenance System File

Standard II.C. Documentation

II.C-1 Combined Course Outline - Template from the LACCD

II.C-2 Suggestions for Library Book Purchases

II.C-3 Circulation Report

II.C-4 Daily Reference Desk Log

II.C-5 Acquisitions Policy

II.C-6 Learning Center Evaluative Instruments

II.C-7 Writing Lab Tutor's Manual

II.C-8 Spring 2005 Student Survey

II.C-9 West Los Angeles College 2005 Self-Study Questionnaire, Preliminary Results

II.C-10 Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) Grant

II.C-11 Library Instructional Services Program

II.C-12 OASIS Administration. “Re: Library Science 101.” E-mail to Cathy Froloff. 14 Nov. 2002.

II.C-13 Library & Learning Center Webpage

II.C-14 Closed Caption Award Grant

II.C-15 Library Evaluative Instruments

II.C-16 Title III. Final Grant Performance Report - USDE (ED 524B)

II.C-17 Program Reviews for the Library & Learning Center

II.C-18 Non Credit Course Outline for Learning Skills 1T- Supervised Learning Assistant -Tutoring; Combined Course Outline for Library Science 130 Travel and Internet Research; Combined Course Outline for Library Science 101 Library Research Methods

II.C-19 Learning Center Evaluative Instruments

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